End of the World have a way to find friends, no party here to find old friends


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Sandalwood pavilion, spring breeze sober, blink of an eye is a grass sprout season, sprinkle a dash of ink marks on paper, soaked memories of thin appearance.Jealously guarding the day the curtain, along the footsteps of spring, and you want to see a Golden Age of fireworks.Nonetheless, in my life to you and slowly away Juju Er.I paced in the memory, no one to stay together with this country, skimming the flowers give me a ray of fragrance, I whispered to the birds singing, spring charming, easily rip my clever camouflage face, I could not crouch down, ask them to also ask a hug yourself.    Accustomed to the busy city, countryside paths always appear to be as deep.Yang Liu Yiyi roads, bushy foliage, inadvertently covered all sorts of dazzling light, the breeze blowing hair, like most raving Hearty Yilianyoumeng.We discard the humble, but also through those Cheng pulls back, as if in a flash and lively as a child.    The hole in Wang Chuan, but also accustomed to the dim.Moonlight as Wang, with her unique brilliance, easily eroded long-lost emotions.However, in the deepest memory you always so light, listening to the most deep-seated grief.Gui Ying shake off, and tacit each other: your wanes, my joys and sorrows!    End of the World have a way to find friends, no party here to find old friends.Opened the curtain of the iceberg, Qushui remember Liuchang a Poets, your gentle arms of my smile of serene, indulgent of my life away because you pack light.Who were, oar hit the Yangtze River, vast decade, temples weathered.I watch the rain, to follow your every place of the world, can not always run aground light melancholy heart, thousands of thoughts into a clear eye gaze.    Memories such as rings, like the vicissitudes of life, remember that we still look up to maintain posture.Mountainous, you say, is up to see the farthest place, no one can stop your footsteps, you follow a dream and hope.From then on, you discard a bleak text, but it broke my warm wings.    Setting sun grass go thinking Fu, party knowingly put pen to paper a few heavy, perhaps time and distance can slowly fade emotion.I’m still here, but that is no longer I who.    Sometimes indulge a long time will suddenly find that everything is so strange, strange city, a strange you and me.This has nothing to do romantic life, he was laughing at the world is a multi-lover.    On sunny days, I would like to use written form, weaving a beautiful story, a lonely corner of the vines bloom, perhaps no one knows who he really waiting for, stick to an unknown destination.Precarious, scattered on the ground a dream emotion alone troubles!

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