Doves on the window sill (outside the second chapter)


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[REVIEW] We live in this world, so many around plants and flowers, sprouted, blossomed, withered.So many people and things, come, gone.In fact, and the birds and everything around us are passing this world rush from rushing away, who can not go with anything.  1.Suddenly one day early in the morning doves on the windowsill, I saw it, the shape of a dove-like bird standing on my balcony in the iron fence.”Doves and Pigeons.”I never thought would yell up.Perhaps this sense of surprise for those of us who do not hear the birds singing away in the countryside is purely normal.Through the window glass, bird petite bird did not fear, calmly standing, but also from time to time issued a call cuckoo.Face it calm calm look, I can only quietly standing behind it the house, feeling the warmth of coexistence between man and bird.  Even more surprising is that the bird has become a frequent visitor to my house windowsill, I can see it every day to get up.It dress with a plain, gray neck, the neck sides are shiny black shoulder feathers are reddish brown, blue upper gray, red-brown lower body, with a simple and elegant.That began a few days, I can always see it carefully stepping on the fence side sill walked up and down, sometimes standing, as if thinking, what they are looking for like.I let her husband see it, my husband called me coral countryside, Barley leeks not tell, what is this pigeon, this is clearly turtledove.Ever since, I hasten to turn on the computer to find information, compare for a moment, it really is a turtledove.  That little bird that adds a lot of vigor and vitality for my monotonous bitter summer.I do not even expect it to become one of our family and will always be safe around the house on the windowsill.Soon it makes me really surprise move, never know where it starts to where the grass roots of title to a pile in the corner of the windowsill, not a few days, it spread a thick layer, and into a recess shape, nest children.  Before each morning, I was standing-room window, watching its every move.Previously empty loneliness of the windowsill because of this little life and full of real life.  I began to try to close it, I’ll give it sprinkle millet, not because it can not find food and migration.It will start flapping Lengleng De fly, and finally lost the temptation of food and gradually came back, repeated several times, I see no harm meant it, boldly began to fall, eating with relish.  We quietly watching each other carefully to get along with.Each morning, when the first ray of sunshine pouring down from the outside, my beautiful birds I have to get up on the window sill while exercising to sing, although it sounds like from a locked sent to the throat, dry and boring but the struggle for one night in a dream to me, is relaxed and pleasant.Without these birds, my world is bleak, even darkness more than light.I have many times dreamed that I run in the vast expanse of wilderness, behind the beast magic, I do not know, I just know I have to run, I will strive to run, so I can not to be swallowed.This time, I need the sun, birds need more, I want it to be able to dance smart reminders scattered clouds in front of me, I hope it can wake up call and I love the softest heart, for life, for life every experience and everyone around him, are showing me a warm feeling, I love them!  I think the bird is definitely spend the night in passing my house windowsill, after a storm or any setbacks, it will fly away, fly afar.After all, it belongs to the world is not on this small windowsill.But it’s calm so that I almost changed my mind to it.It is still a spare live on the windowsill of my house, but it’s getting thick barracks, I do not understand why in the end it this way.  That morning, I got up and did not see the bird, hurriedly open the windows, but saw two white eggs lying quietly in bed, eggs slightly larger than a quail egg, oval.The next day, I found two doves lying on top of the egg, still, and it is certainly in the small hatch doves.I do not know how much longer tummy motionless, small doves can be born.  Since then, every time I come back from work to see it, it is just lay in bed, sometimes facing east, sometimes facing west, wings stretched to tightly guard the eggs below, motionless, looked focused, earnest, several days, no, ten days.I eagerly look forward to see the little turtledove born when doves mother is still lying in the nest hatch the eggs.Finally, I wait, on Day 18 of the head, I saw the stand up of doves mother and her two adorable baby doves in the body.Turtledove mother standing posture apparently not previously so strong, I think she must be exhausted to the extreme.Nearly twenty days incubation, there is not enough confidence and patience, selflessness and love is not enough, how can small doves hatched.Seeing this, suddenly I remembered that after the joy of spring intoxicating beauty, but also bears the pain of how much to pay ah!  Small doves under the careful care of the mother, day by day grow up, fledgling.I suddenly worried, I was afraid at night or early in the morning which one of these creatures will disappear in my line of sight, and never come back.And this fear is really not redundant, they are finally gone, leaving only an empty nest children.  Passing, passing.Facing the empty nest, I finally confirms the word.Son let me nest removed, clean up the windowsill, I determined not to.I would get up in the daily standing at the window, look at this empty nest, always lingering shadow that clear, I do not even smell their body gives off the faint smell of fish.I imagined them to leave just a short trip in the near future, until they fly tired, tired, will come back.Many times the dream, I dream of doves mother with her children, grandchildren are not there, a large group of birds are flying back on my windowsill and built several nest.But this was only a dream, wake up and find on the window sill is still empty nest.My world has returned to the previous calm.Is a sill windowsill, I was me, but now I have no longer just lonely windowsill.After the original plain busy but it is so cruel and helpless.  We live in this world, so many around plants and flowers, sprouted, blossomed, withered.So many people and things, come, gone.In fact, and the birds and everything around us are passing this world rush from rushing away, who can not go with anything.Like a flash in the pan, extremely short.You may come to think that it all combined to have this space we live in.Every appearance is a hope; every loss, but also a wait.  I hope my birds can fly higher and higher, to find a better life for themselves more beautiful, they are like flying in my heart hope.One day, they will bring a successful fly back to me.    2.Entrenched in the heart of the snake that is not clear, people’s thinking is dominated by Han.What more afraid, what more is wanted, even the dream often dreams.I said what is the snake, it is has been entrenched in the depths of my memory snake.  In fact, life in this world, is inseparable from those around flowers and trees, animals, birds and insects.These can only decorate our lives, make our lives more colorful.I was mortal, grass green bonuses to attract my attention, poultry cats and dogs can become my friend.Even those mosquitoes, bees, etc. sting of things I did not have much hate, the only thing I hate is that the snakes, which not only makes me hate more is my fear.  Snake in my home is not called the snake, called the snake, which means long worm.Perhaps my grandfather got used to tell the story of the snake, before I did not see a snake, I began to fear snakes.I was in the countryside, have seen several snakes, in fact, there are times when I see a dead snake, they are being killed thrown on the roadside, only two really seen live, whether it is a dead snake or may live make me tremble with fear, wits.  A lot of things happened, forget the past, there are always some that can not afford to forget.These can not forget is the great mercy, love can make people hate unforgettable big thing.I grew up timid, afraid of the dark, afraid to listen to those ghost stories, but also afraid to see some of the not want to see things like snakes and dead.As a child, I usually put the dead and ghosts together, the elderly or someone who died on the streets, I was scared to eat, sleep.And his mother like a shadow, even to the toilet alone, without the courage.There are snakes, but also let me Chafanbusi things, that long wriggling body plus a colorful coat, and open mouth spit that thin core, so I can glance creepy, in fact, was brought to the big, this thing did not bite me, so why make me fear, I still do not know exactly.  That year, my friends and I meet to flood in to the pig weed.Wild by moisture on the riverside of the river looks lush, clusters, piles exudes vitality.Mother told me pigs favorite sweet dish, eat sweet food fat pigs on Ken.So I walked along the riverside have been designed to pull picking sweet dishes.Suddenly I found a bunch of black and green looks shiny sweet dish, quickly put down the basket with his hand, bent over to pull, these dishes too tender, I could not help but go under and stretched his hand, I wanted to part from the roots Put out together.I do not know what a hand touch, smooth and extremely cold, I clawed through the grass to look down, do not say the next thing you know.Just one, I was afraid, extremely, even pull half a basket of ragweed do not, turned and ran home.Along the way, I have to attend to everything around, including small partners shouting until running into the house, he plunged headlong into her mother’s arms, still panicked shouting snake, snake.That time, I not only lost a basket, but also scared sick, the mother of the witch called Murakami, do not know how to twirl a bit, eat some medicine, well, just a very long time, I have to lie mother’s arms to fall asleep.Mother told me, in fact, not how bad snake, you do not provoke it, it will not bite you, you actually see it, it wants to leave.You think about it, our people here who suffered injuries snake.Think about it, Murakami people really have not been bitten by a snake, the snake killed only thing people constantly taking place.  Home is the Central Plains, humid climate, every summer and fall are the most active time of the snake, especially the harvest of wheat fields and forest Baogu.I was growing up, the fear of snakes but did not reduce, but tended to increase.For this, I try to avoid going to work the fields, love my mother, busy time, just let me cook at home Laundry.It is this love, so I did a lot of contact with snakes, even the number of dead snake and rarely seen.  The last time I saw the snake was after I got married, her husband work in the field, the family has more than an acre field I serve with.That year’s wheat harvest is particularly good, on the eve of the harvest, I visited with the township government to study the south, came back, longer than the wheat fields of weeds is higher, driving broken pieces of yellow, from a distance, the big one Catcher I was the only one like the same kind of rapeseed.I have just the car down, the village secretary came to me, let me hasten to Catcher in the grass pulled out, said county leaders to come to visit, to prepare us when Murakami wheat seed acquisition.Bumps along the way I lost nagging village secretary, reluctantly changed clothes to go to the fields weeding.Two meters wide wheat fields, I pull the left and right pull, went over wheat fields it is neat, seeing to coming to an end, and my heart could not help but burst of pleasure, with speeds up.At the end of the wheat fields, I saw Mimi Artemisia is a particularly strong.My hands tugged on it, the grass did not move, I only want to bend from the root, poke wheat on both sides, I saw that I hate and fear of snakes that is, it is a leisurely entrenched in the roots look at me with his mouth open upturned face, I turned and ran scared.Behind is the voice of brush aside the fallen corn, I think it is a snake in the thrust behind me, Pinmingdewang home run, ran out of wheat fields, twisting but found nothing.  That was the last time I saw a snake, shortly after I was living with her husband to the northwest, living in the city, to stay away from the habitat of the snake, the snake is in my sight is gone.Ordinarily this way, I have no fear of snakes, the reality is not the case, I still think snake, and the snake often seen in a dream.I have carefully thought about it, why should I be afraid of snakes, also a long form of earthworms and eel why I’m not afraid, I do not even dare to personally killing eels and made a delicious meal.Ultimately, this is my psychological problems.I think everyone’s heart will have his love and hate thing.Ancient saying goes, eye of the beholder, in the heart of those who love the snake, the snake is gorgeous appearance, posture is beautiful, and even his mouth spit it out that long cores can be deeply moved by the people’s hearts.The snake never bites me, I have a once bitten, twice shy feeling.  Actually want to open, afraid of nothing is no harm, afraid of what would preparedness, preparedness to have more of a sense of security.Even the most poisonous snake did not bite, they still have a small number of poisonous snakes, as long as you bite, certain death.As today’s society, you say gorgeous dress is a good man, would not outlaw.But why not, who fled in supermarkets farms thieves, who rob and kill the criminals are wearing fashionable happens, lavish, as long as he can dirty hands toward you, you’re sure to hurt.  Thus think about it, my fear is not without reason the.    3.It was a summer afternoon summer afternoon, I came out from the house, very few pedestrians on the street, about hiding in a shady corner or sleeping, or what a person is talking with relish.Only to see those children and teenagers holding a Popsicle, eating mouth, flowing down, marks on clothes in a block like laughing at this hot weather.  I line the streets along the edge of the shade forward, thirty high temperature a few degrees enveloped me, so my brain is dazed state, I do not know at this time I should do, what can I get my restless mind calm down.I thought back to my nest, and then turn on the air, drink a drink, but what of that, I have not yet come out of that place.  Heaven there was no wind, extremely boring, even along the banks of the trees hung his head, when they came around, I seem to hear a heavy sigh leaves.Those used to be lush leaves hung his head, as if nature is harsh demonstrations.  I was so agitated along, suddenly there are ears ringing voice: Has anyone told you I love you, no one was crying in your diary; there was no one to tell you I am very concerned, concerned about the city distance.Vigorous magnetic voice full of vicissitudes of temptations, I could not help speed up the pace, and walked toward the direction of the sound.  Under the shade of the mouth of the alley, a boy of about eighteen, wearing a black T-shirt, black pants, holding a microphone, forget the loss to and from the pedestrian streets, kept singing.I came to him, only to see the ground in front of the boy put a shoe box, and shoe boxes side by side is a large piece of paper filled with calligraphy.Crouch down, carefully read the words written above, generally it means that the boys because of a poor family, his father had lung cancer, his father had to drop out a semester to discuss the cost of medical treatment.I do not know the child’s story had attracted everyone’s mercy was a child heartfelt singing for those who revel, passing pedestrians basically took out a pocket change into a shoe box in front of the house boy.There are few people only contempt for the children passing by on a corner of the eye, behind can hear them muttering: liar, but also a liar.I never thought, and quickly pocket only a few dollars all took place in front of the boy shoebox house.The boy hurriedly looked down and he kept saying thank you.I said nothing and turned to leave, the boys behind and came close husky and seductive voice.  I prefer to believe that this child is really a danger facing the school has come out to ask for money to cure his father of the boy, nor to believe that very few people say is a liar.Because the world is, after all, still beautiful than ugly, good and more and deception, not to mention the boy is in bloom spade and not contact the ugly.Thought of this, my heart began to calm, with my heart in praying boy can live happily in the days to come more easily.  Continue to move forward, the leaves began to dance before my eyes, there is wind blowing, covered with cold rustled.Hot summer day, there are accompanied by wind, and my heart just a little more comfortable.Especially this summer afternoon, to walk out and see everything happening around, feel good and beautiful as those in the inner world of metaphor, it is a rare soul baptism.[Editor: Tree man]

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