Clear sky is home


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Summer cicadas, the sound of noisy, colorful rendering of the season; holding a ray of light sweet floral, in Enchanting Review, the most amazing was actually that of an elegant youth; time, regardless of the depth or shading, total there can be placed a corner in the heart of the Red flower, just as you and I walk in the simplicity of the trajectory of life, gradually turn a good-natured indifferent paper yellowed pages, landing in the old days, the land in the northern stand tall on the town, a former youth scattered on the ground of fragrance; then packed up as persistent, would like to use for Love carving dream, a journey through the landscape, looking back, that in my heart the softest corner not easily take root sprout speech thoughts, will always belong to the home of the rainy season listen lingering love affair, leaning to see the mist like smoke floating away in the window; a torn whisper Xinyu, the light falls on the road bluestone home, then find the mark left behind, and the moon dependent warm; we are all Chunhuaqiuyue passing, but expect to retain most pure petals, there are shallow smile flashed tears, as the star in the sky, illuminating human life visitors return home, sometimes It means one of the world turned away, acquaintances, better know each other Xiangxi has a few; who reside in your years, were able to talk with you Zhaohuaxishi; who warm your dreams, you a know and cherish; shallow all the way to the Rye, faint companions, Thanksgiving has been the most God-given compassionate care, met no regrets, 且行且珍惜 there is a sincerity, never far away, across high mountains and blending the years; there is a Qiannian, rooted in the heart, blood is flowing with home fireworks; Red Mo, I rolled out of time picture, depicting a Delicate thin clouds of bright, it is the taste of nostalgia ah; reluctant to leave at the end of the picture Women, just quietly hope and pray that the home field beautiful encounter

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