Cao Fang: Dear cold


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South Lan palm: soft clouds close he is very fond of her so: white background, a tree rich summer green leaves, white short-sleeved, black trousers back back, Qi ears, short hair, thick bangs.Look at the album cover, until you see her like this, and realize that “South Lan palm” has been out a long time.    Before I remember this song out of your own very Xianxin, watching Cao Fang microblogging day, with a small-fans look forward to the mood of waiting for her new song.Those days, on the small screen, constantly saw her talking about the drought in Yunnan, said the South Lan palm recordings, production.This is not a dish in the plan, in fact, say singles fishes.But she was very hard to write, it is hard to do, she strokes to write the words of blessing on each piece of cake, a stroke of good faith.South Lan palm is dedicated to Yunnan, her mind.    So, like has been looking forward to this song, through a number of channels you want to buy one, not only because I like to Cao Fang, but also as a human attribute the common good.But because it is a limited edition, after all, did not buy success.Later, fortunately, there are more than friends could not understand my mantra, help me to buy one, this is something the.    I remember one afternoon weekend home, in a rush, do not forget to look for this song.Very well find, cool dog home alone recommendation, but there is no sense of excitement.Feeling that this song mixed her too much effort, should not appear in place so easily be heard.But, perhaps I am hypocritical.    That day, on the top floor to dry the sheets, flowers also against the wind swing, time to kill while feeding in small silver carp pond swaying tail, Huangyou Huangyou.Sunshine gentle, such a moment is bound to listen to a song only made in vain soft moments.    Every time I heard “South Lan palm”, will ask, Cao Fang sing when I do not know if I have to cry.I remember that time one day to see her in commercials Yunnan TV’s, and others singing together disaster relief charity.At that time, severe drought in Yunnan is the time.Sober face, countless sad.Yunnan would have been very soft, she gave birth to a soft, right then, but dry soil become dry.So then we heard that she was doing a new song, sing Yunnan, South Lan palm singing, the album of the money donated to Yunnan, at least for wetting a square meter of land.Still later, she did not like to be included in the scope of donations stars.Perhaps treat their hometown, she has never been a singer, she’s just a kid, really return his mother.    Little time in the past six months, listen to this song, or a good listen.    Postscript: It is written over a year ago.Now find themselves turned out was so liked Cao Fang, the beautiful girl in Yunnan.

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