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New Year’s bell is about to ring, 2014 will be forever, look back to 2014 experienced a bit, vividly, as if it were yesterday.  Relative peace and happiness in 2014 or a year, though early 2014 had little suck, there is a dilemma may not be all bad, a lot of things went through to know what is right and what is wrong, what is the true friend What is money friends, sometimes money is actually touchstone.  Looking to hurt each other between the money people, the use of each other, can be considered experienced life experience, have to look at the relationship between man and man, always feel that if you really pay is bound to gain a true, but from others who see it is between friends deceive each other, resulting in two injuries cheated fiscal situation, but also friends of friendship to the card, however, hurt the friendship for money, varies inside only experienced know.  I hope 2014 is the end of family fighting, the family has been hurt many times to let the feelings between the brothers and sisters went to the freezing point, not only hurt the feelings of brothers and sisters, also contributed to the next generation of feelings, closest relatives in sight but far away, it is estimated that the damage to the largest family of it, I hope this injury is terminated in early 2014.  2014 was more than happy to suck compared to things to do, at the beginning of 2014, although a little unhappy, but compared to parents in good health, family harmony and the son of academic progress, family good health and happy on this point is not a small sum and small, especially parents do their children’s health is the greatest happiness.  A major nuclear family is: parents have a healthy body, healthy children motivated, marital harmony, with these items there want anything else in life, mortal beings What is often forgotten what light weight, money is only worldly possessions, most earth heavier than the parents care, able to break and Xiao Jing.  There is always the parents in their own children, their own parents in front of the children, but she was still a child in front of their parents, there is this feeling really happy.  How many children are motivated parents dream, although his son than good child there is a big gap, but efforts to understand the son, know how to make progress, this is the greatest comfort parents.  2014 greatest satisfaction is to let the parents go out of their small village, to go around the country, this is a long cherished wish to do children, parents looked out of the country at home excited expression, looking at photos of their parents happy smile, listening to parents talk with a trip bit by bit, to see Chairman Mao Memorial Hall this generation is their biggest wish of people, parents finally visit the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall this year, Chairman Mao saw God in their hearts, climb the Badaling Great Wall more share a sense of pride.  Listening to parents talk about Beijing speak Shanghai Jervois say beauty is really more happy person than themselves, looking at the story of the parents to explain each picture, listening to the parents say around the local customs, as well as parents to bring a souvenir, Although it is not worth the money, but in the hearts of the children is priceless, accompanied by nice parents.  2014 It is worth mentioning that my husband and I went out to the island of Taiwan finished a trip, although a short period of eight days, the excitement accompanied by hard.  Taiwan had for us is a mysterious place, when set foot on Taiwanese moment, a little illusion Taiwan or the Republic of China at that time?  Republic of China greatly welcome you, watching every traditional Chinese characters, walking in the streets of Taipei looked familiar and unfamiliar words, looking at Taipei maze of streets, listening to guided tours with the current system in Taiwan, Taiwan followed the capitalist system, the land belongs to private property, it created a road Taipei no sense of direction, Huzuohuyou, suddenly wide suddenly narrow, the building is something new, something old, something like 101 stylish building, there are two very old three-story building Taiwan’s date, or follow the Republic of China for many years, this year is the Republic of China 103 years, but no matter what followed, the mainland Taiwan is always the same root, spoke with the same language, the same culture followed the same.  To the residence of Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Kai-shek had used to see the church, watching Kai-shek had planted a rose garden, pool design fountains, walking only once Chiang Kai-shek and Song Meili can walk around the tree-lined trail, imagine once luxurious residence , and Song Jiang has been catching phase mix traversed the twilight of life, as if to see Chiang Kai-shek face look lonely continent, now man has to go, everything becomes history, once the official residence turned into a park, which is perhaps the last and now it’s different?  Worth of inventory record number 2014 2014 drip with bell ringing in 2015 will become memories, memories of this reservation, this collection bit by bit, set sail in 2015..

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