Autumn twilight, evening among winter sun


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Near midnight 1:00, did not sleep, I open the window a little bit, let the cool breeze mixed with the slightest rain outside the window blew in.This autumn is gently, carefully, and quietly falling with.This night, this rain, there is always lonely coolness.Gently Qiaoqiao cold, soaked in the nerve endings of the season, the spread of simple good.  Like most such a night, a cup of Ming and listen to the sound of rain, fall on the earth, just keep flowing.This inner restlessness are elegant, sober and autumn Fight.This night people indifferent, quiet, safe.Sit Muqiu thin cold time, the practice in the years to come with love, let the heart was removed in Enron.  Many people say that life is a journey of love affair has nothing to do, nothing to fate, independent of the landscape, and from a customer, treasure is the edge, I do not know the starting point, end unnecessary.I would say that this life is a journey to meet the real you.In most chapters really pursue their own way, it is not the most beautiful scenery, no established fate, but did not repeat.Every day is new, and that he is a new day in the most beautiful scenery.  The deep autumn night, I sat under the lamp on my life recorded bit by bit, the trivial and harrowing.Maybe a lot of things, that is, the trivial and the sentimental slowly disappeared, and under the influence of this reality and brutal environment year after year, those times were not scattered or are ups and downs, so quietly gone.Looking back already dim.Swirling memories, the hustle and bustle, was once stuck in a corner of my heart, breed dash of sadness and loneliness.Only those happy memories and because sadly, at this late at night reminds me, with bursts of warmth.  I like those are always a touch of something a little quieter, a little elegant, never noisy.This fragrance is like a cup of tea in general, it exudes a leisurely taste.Life is meant to dull more than noisy, can precipitate in the hustle and bustle of the earth’s down, such as tea leisurely and elegant general, it is kind of a nice?   Maybe a lot of times, people are constantly torrent of time contradictory individuals, and has been trying to fight their own, a true soul was bound, one is bound by your own cocoon true.When you have a day cocoon, but found that the earth had changed color, become fleeting PASSING.  Out the window, the autumn is still quietly next, and I quietly condensate listen, slowly, I heard the sound of rain.  Autumn twilight, evening among winter sun.  People courtyard, clear shallow cup cup.  Cut candle west window, years of quiet good.  Leaves Zhiqiu, Love simple.      Han Sheng Yi Wei Bing Xu month Guiwei day

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