Autumn autumn again


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“The annual autumn fresh, not like spring is worth a pound of spring” “CaiSangZi.Chong Mao Zedong “.Fall again, along the way to the season opened up a clear and bright path.However, autumn is a sad season, some heavy always shrouded in people’s hearts.    The edges of autumn always painted a clear path to the dark, day and night change, the Four Seasons exchange, often overlooked mind a season.Nongmo autumn night also blacked out the mood of the original water Danru.Turbid emotion, slowly penetrate into the night air.Lonely hearts also occupied by moonlight.Some ups and downs in the immediate past, let fall also infects the good bad mood.    Autumn, walked lightweight crushing footsteps coming.Yufu backpack filled with the fragrance, it has not forgotten the responsibility of the season, to bring a natural light yellow, a maturity, a harvest, as well as the subtle fragrance floating.    People bathed in flowers, eyes searching for the fragrance, it smells sight not seen flowers.Some can smell the flowers, some flowers can only work hard to feel, like people heard and not reflected in its people, not its smelling flowers, which have to rely on personal experience to feel.    Autumn is a busy season, even animals are also busy storing food for the winter, yet people are busy harvesting the fruits of the harvest.So all the people to run around busy life, walk around in the competition unrest in.From the silence and slow people’s eyes, I saw a heavy melancholy mood.    Life was very thin, weak, can not tolerate strikes, and folded, like a porcelain always face the danger Pengci.In the thin days, we become mature, assertive personality began to converge.We must learn to use flexible way to face sharp social.    Religion is a state of mind, is an obsession with faith in exchange for.Day too thin, so plenty of time to learn some, to be paving the way for the day, so life is full, honest.    But the passage of time, spring and ruthless, the most pious heart could not stay that pass the story.Intent to lock the Spring and Autumn it is just a platonic ideal.    Met a fate, past life of 500 times Looking back, only in exchange for a life pass, the probability is so small.Devote themselves to the impulse from the heart, it is a single-minded dedication.I admire the dedication and Fang pure white, for that pair of eyes, rainy youthful, a pan-soft and enduring heartbeat.

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