After falling incense before


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Autumn flowers for most of the season is a pain.Open skies fixed smile failed the flowers, keep her lingering autumn moisture petals, in the howling autumn wind, Tori group could not get the body limp petals, sit and let it tumble, struggling, dying.    After all, took off the!    Standing in the autumn I almost uttered a cry!This call contains what kind of helpless, how sad, just like me, I’m afraid Shaohua goes by, the deepest dye cream temples of the human body, right.Fear of aging people are most afraid of falling, but look.    After going to go, such as the wind blowing through the branches, like clouds drifting across the horizon, as traces only slowly find in the memories, thin items.    The rest, the rest of the day is still a secular fireworks and daily trivial!Subtraction, arithmetic of life if only this single operation, the face of the setting sun, whether in respect of thin rings is heartbroken?These entangled in mind the idea of circling the sky, better than Lin hoe funeral flowers Guying more sad.    Off it!Off it!Who is the law of nature had to reverse?Then the warm air can not let the flowers bloom three hundred sixty-five days, and then the vast sky can not let the sun burn twenty-four hours.    Heart relieved, but the desire is still burning, overwhelming variety of cosmetics spun from you around the corner, trying to get them to create a fairy tale of youth, wanted to talk about the years of blade benefits incomparable, nothing can cover it and seal strength.So thought, why use silk clothing to dress spring autumn limb?Why use the summer to cover Fanzhi autumn sky?Natural beauty of flowers, but the flowers it not a tragic pathos?Autumn Autumn own charm, Whispering into the mud is not there incense before you?After Fallen flowers are not still hanging in the branches of fruit it?    Flower scent experience overlapping sun and the moon becomes rich, mellow, distant implication.This after sun rain simmer over numerous twists and turns of the flavor is more profound, more suspense, fine chemicals must soothe the nerves meditation.Age is falling glass of red wine, no more staunch, more flavor, but in this age, the taste is more important than the staunch.    Like in the quiet of the night, gently push open a window, quietly watching the moon slowly sliding through the window, the moon is not whether the body filled only for peaceful expression of.Age is falling light month, less impetuous, more peaceful, and in this age, is more important than the impetuous calm.    Flower color beauty is, beauty is sweet fruit.They just to please people of different parts of that vision and taste, brilliant flowers in people’s eyes is that, if the human tongue is brilliant.Flower beauty lies in its ornamental value, but if the United States is its practical value.Petals age he took the beautiful flowers, there is a sweet fruit.    No need to envy the beautiful flowers, Desolated as dust since it is a foregone conclusion, but as long as incense before.Do not do that heartless thing, into Chunni silently quadrangle, it is also a different kind of beauty.    Flower has the same ages, in spite of our lives is a glance in the end horizontals and verticals, like the sunrise, sunset, like, the same Yichen.But we still can not flies scribbled in materialistic dominated society, in the pursuit of money has become the mainstream right space, we have to keep our faith, keep us pure pursuit.    Falling Petals day, I still live there is no suspense days, home two first-line units trip due to the passing years have not the slightest change, every day walking on the left of the podium again and again, holding that this day told a textbook again, repeat bring the inevitable boredom.But I always believed that ideas can fly.When I saw those who had knowledge ignite instantly shiny eyes, when I heard the collision sparks thinking in the classroom, when I touch those not infected with worldly thoughts and desires bloom in the sun posture, that moment, an authentic, fresh aroma from mud to spread toward my nose, followed by the kind of spiritual nourishment approach toward my stomach, and feeding material, equally important.    French thinker Pascal had a famous saying: “Man is a thinking reed.”Faced with the same fragile reed life, we retain no flowers after all, to wither in the appropriate season, perhaps in advance, these are not the subjective will can dominate, but we will have an idea of the soul, we do not we give up the pursuit of pure and belief, after falling, still fragrant as ever.

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