A clear summer, Xu Xi Chen language


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Early in the morning, the birds used to be a wake-up window.A green curtain opened, a bunch of hair oblique light shines on.A touch of jasmine, exquisite flower buds.Such as collections of jade green button on the lapel, also deemed branches placed in the cool season, pillow dreams.Far behind the clouds, like one alone please Xiaoling, floated, and quiet and then drifting into the distance.    That process accompanied by moonlight, and also converted a look.  All temporary and permanent, they are a clear river Conceiving.    Memories warm morning sun from the Bay of pond.Carry buckets of water sparkling clear, that Zhu Zhu watering pots Yun dream of Hanabusa.I think; soon after, when a smile despite the dawn of clarity bloom.Sensitive heart, will fall a drop of crystal clear hi.I will carefully record your ethereal look pretty.    Chen Ming robins, blue branches clear window.Season always so orderly, Coorong hair growth, a degree of relaxation.An idea bloom, flowers an idea.I stood in the corner of this shallow, still always a beat so slow.Gently pick up is rain wet thoughts, to wear a decorated curtain, that was the story of a dream.Juanxiu quietly write down the small print, it shallow wet fleeting.    A clear gel, in a subtle fragrance in dance.The memory of the picture, like the quiet side fleeting, a record of our story.  In the rush of time where that touch Qianpan, on the transfer of reincarnation, faded and thick.    Through the distant, across the rain to hear, coming from the other side of caring, warm cozy dream.Take some back, clear as yesterday.Period of time, Yilianyoumeng at your fingertips at little fineness.Your shadow, flew past, caught up a few years old.Sparse subtle fragrance that I, a light read into the scene, and finally merged into Inner Voices.Only Acacia wait until Zither time, you dream come.Xia Qing, coming from the south wind blowing, water clouds around Italy.A lake Razor smoked, dark plume of fragrance in my arms, reward you a clear lake country by column Yang Jing.Endless stretches of Irene, a ray of warm fragrance lingering, eyebrows heart, melodic string together to form a flawless heart lotus in the charming scenery.Indulge in one of the ink clouds Qianyindichang, graceful posture tone in the Red Yan Qu loving little tired, quiet and then past the stranded carried by the wind.Flowers and the world, a country of a lake, in the curl of breeze, the worth of the best scenery view, mountains and rivers are now carved a heart into the water between a rhyme.Yang pool of shallow smile, will be brewing in the hearts of their sleep, graceful as a period of time in the most beautiful scenery.    Blue sky, clouds If You Long Wan; wind played piano song, Liu Pina, if fleeting.Far and we hope for, Fragment picturesque, strokes, sketched a tranquil mountain.I opened the window, dressed in Qingxin blowing, shallow drunk a little drunk, ashamed by Qi Xia Xia fantasy, faint courtyard, a few butterflies flashing thin wings, flying around Johnson Liuhua fresh limp walk.Liu smoke with Tsui, Liuhua any breeze blow bars Bi end of the swing; Liu Zi Yan Yi, prosthetic hygiene conditions, charming shadows deeply moved my heart, perhaps, as the Red fiber, can sit under a tree in flower as Margaret’s dream light, such as a reward, such as polyester Che situ determination of coagulation the situation, it not a state.Pregnant with a glass heart, embrace a pregnant poetry, a quiet good grip, stolen some leisure to purge the soul the dust of space.Thanksgiving life slightly better, thanks to years has given me an extraordinary move.Twist a finger flowers, twisted shaft happy to accept the washing of nature, let anxiety attributed to Tianshi in ethereal wind; let dull day cast elegant wisp of clouds; let your mind flying in the beautiful scenery in; let the mind indifferent to the quiet nature of regression.Whether the next intersection waiting for me is relentless wind and rain, or flowers full path, I will gladly to accept, dip a bright Si Xia Yang, efforts will then massage it into an affordable shades of soaked floral picture of life.    Quiet good time, across terraced rice paddies Red, cloud shadow ink painting, I dialed stringed played a mountain stream, only for that game met, Ming empty miles, appears to have shown signs of seamless.Sun and moon rotation in favor of a year, look back on that one morning accompanied with your leisure conversation broken language, deep and shallow, deep faint, as the hole world Quan Liu, swept over the heart, yet also seemed like tea fragrance Tea the quiet, with all the time engraved in my heart.Clouds dispersed, twilight late harvest.Qingning waxing crescent hanging horizon, as if to still water this time.Shufeng slight, light smell fragrant nose with hints of gardenia, cool, calm and collected.Next month Mu Yan, light read.Claustrophobia resembling the core, Pina gently in the wind.After, no trace of sound, the end is the deep summer.    Muyu, is out the window Yilianyoumeng moist, in the eaves, marching or slow or anxious dance, the season empty Mongolia and melt into the tenderness of all things natural, ocean fish return to the river and joyous jumping on clouds, so, Muyu, it becomes beautiful music, gently tell the story in the sky flower rain cloud of.Instant heart wings, the desire had been set off, set out on the way to the.We quietly through here, benches, surrounded by flowers, romantic leisurely.

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