[Bowl spring song prose] summer


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Sultry summer night, very hot, mosquito buzzing in the ears barking, I toss and turn, long time can not sleep, simply got up and went downstairs.    The night market along the street, lit, crowded, small cries of street vendors, one after another, great excitement.Sichuan hot pot occupy half of the town, the air filled with the smell of pot.I used to eat a hot pot in the provincial capital, a repeat of that scene in town tonight, to wait in line, people are looking at the phone, look at newspapers, playing chess, playing poker, chat, anyway, waiting to eat hot pot.It is said that the best time to eat this hot pot is hot in the summer time, accompanied by spicy hot pot Chike Guangbang Zi, Bei Bei beers, burning, sweating, very happy, eating is a state, to eat It is a feeling.    Walk one kilometer to the embankment.Barry ecological Weihe River in front of the gallery, like eight hundred Hirakawa off the middle, as it is set in “all the way along the” construction in the new jewel.Ecological park full of tourists, healthy walk back into town people’s habits, or a white-haired old man, or a sweet couple, or Qingdouchukai small objects, or bud-like children, people holding hands pull the elbow, joy and happiness filled the whole face.    Nearby, there is “opera” opera music classes in strong words, traditional opera, “Famen Temple”, “Zhou Ren back to the House” aria exciting spectacle.It has been talking about, why opera drama enunciate, resonate powerfully, mainly off the land, year after year for good weather, good harvests, smooth people’s lives, to eat after digestion, shouted a few times will be able to transfer tens of miles.Of course, this does not have to repeat them difficult to trace exaggerated.But precise scrutiny and drama of classic opera arias words, only sang know, like off the thick soil, grab a handful of that culture, a shovel is digging Qin brick tile, it is necessary archeology.    Distant, passion Square red bursts of song, climax after another, “Long March Suite”, “My Motherland” and so on, attracted visitors constantly adding.A white-haired old woman, erhu hand, and acting freely, said to be nearly eighty-old, I think this may be the power of music.It was talking about, all of whom have retired early music hobby, now voluntary union, said the exercise is good, cultivate character or, Acura era or, in short, is the social positive energy.    Moving towards the fragrance of lotus ponds, night fishing crowd quiet, luminous with light equipment, I see anglers fishing gear unique.According to say, fishing expedition is absorbed, the human resources, static and dynamic binding.Face rippling pond and lotus in full bloom, I suddenly remembered qing moonlit night view of the pond, and during the day looking for a different world, wrote a famous essay lyrics to “Lotus Pond”, will heat Tsinghua garden pond.A few years ago, I was under the guidance of a teacher’s Tsinghua University, visit the “Lotus Pond” real, the sacred heart for many years, but I look forward to.Tonight, I take a walk in the summer heat wave in town, but everywhere people feel that life is full of passion.    Summer is hot, no air conditioning in the past, how many people sleep in the shade on the road, and now this is no longer the scene.Square dance fitness crowd, more and more people take the heat wave and the practice, in fact, looking past that feeling, like Zhuang Huren say, “man spicy food spicy subgraph of it, the sheep eat dates it rolled barbed map.”There is no heat in the summer, it is no cold winter seasons alternating cycles, to the natural landscape colorful world, human adaptation to natural changes and changes in life will be getting better and better.    Summer is hot, but 心静自然凉.Reading it is always quiet, I recently reread “Reader” magazine many years ago in an article “a bowl of soup noodles,” look at the movie, “five”, the harvest is still thinking and emotion, that positive and clean, scenes, often inspired me.    Way back home, lying in bed, air conditioning breeze, makes me a burst of cool.Phone micro-channel circle of friends and lively, tomorrow’s life, from now on has begun.    Summer, is bound to be sleepless night.

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