Restore the memory of the place


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Restore the memory of the place: Ran Wild Editor: easy to get along is this season, not in this age.      Watching the rice beans off layers of blue, that blue tireless ups and downs, driven by the wind toward the distant margins.At the end of that margin, flirting with a touch of Castle Peak in clouds, clouds that same wind RBI shy of the hill after the drill.Land is green, the sky is blue, clouds are white, green and the mountains.Some of sliding feet wet, Wong has been stuck in the shoes trousers, deliberately Cengceng on grass, Wong stuck on grass, green grass and climbed the shoe, yellow and green artificial blend.Soft grass, XuanXuan, and is foot trodden place, leaving clear footprints, gradually gathered together a nest children water, water from getting closer.      I seem to be looking for something, want to pursue something in memory, this place is not the case.Yes, not so flat now, not now so vast, full of savings puddles, ponds full of long reed rushes.Ming frog in puddles, ponds fish swim, a round of frog eggs floating on the surface, previously, has become a tadpole, to the post, wriggling in the sticky eggs regiment.A free to come and go on the water insects, with long legs and more legs on the water slide to slide, very fast action.      Black dragonfly wings blue belly of a small, slim and lovely, they piled flocks of flying and landed on Caojian, fall on protruding rocks and landed on the ridge, rest stop, flying flying dance, that is not afraid.Walking sound woke curled up in the grass frog, “boom” is heard drill into the water, the people surprised.That stretch posture, graceful strokes, little guilty, then a Pazhu plants, straining blinking eyes watching the “uninvited guest”.It seems it is guarding its children, the group has been filled with dark tadpoles of frogs around.      Then rice fields are small irregular, it flows naturally small ditch injection reservoirs, ponds and paddy connected together, more and less paddy water, depends on the ridge blocking mud several shovels.Fang Zheng rice fields, round Wei Tang, a long ditch, so harmonious in Chak send ground cloth.      Naughty is the nature of children.Remember that time we may be accustomed to, did not care nor know how to appreciate this idyllic beauty, just go, just to catch fish.Some days that year drought, ponds and rice fields out of touch.One day, we were delighted to find an almost dried-up pond, clearly seen in the clear, exposing the inside of the fish almost came back.No mobilization, herd, no water knees, covered in mud, the fish jumping in the water, we are poking.Busy in a tumult, duplication of efforts, the fish in muddy water with his mouth open tour, we caught with his mouth open in dilute soft mud, in her power slip away, grasping not clearly see.Whirring of us with asthma, inspiration came, suddenly remembered Ze and dried fish story.Thus, the hard hand of the pond gap Pa low, refused to hand over his face in the mud, sitting on the pond ridge, looking contented pond water flows out slowly, watching the fish and slowly turned up white belly.Cheers, a basket of harvest, muddy, flower face up against a gang of ghosts.      Watching the endless rice paddies, is really in a daze, ear seems came shouts, looking for traces of less than a pond, I can not help but lost some.Walked along the ridge wet, look, rice seedlings at the top of the head has, the faster filling.See above Shakes the Barley swept to swallow snatched, black coat, white belly, scissors-type tail, whisper cried, flash it was gone.It touches on the far scattered wires, densely layered down with a large number of swallows, blue sky like a sheet of paper, this scene is like painting on paper of natural sheet music, really, like most of the.      This is the memory of the place, the place has changed, come here to pursue only memory; there are memories of inspiration, inspiration surging, come here looking for lost memories; here is the memory of the place early, come here, come here reduction since the beginning of memory.

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