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Happy to leave on the eve of July 21, teaching time is fleeting, unknowingly he had to leave on the eve of.The villagers here are welcoming, and we dandelion social practice squad to start a rich dinner for our practice.After a rich dinner, we practice team organization long variety show upcoming friends!Each department doing to prepare for the Festival.Although there is no young children after clothing show, but put on clean clothes, apply makeup, they are still beautiful. Arts Festival underway in children Cute childish, we merrily spent the last night.Despite Heavenly not cooperate, but rendered a festive atmosphere, the rhythm of the rain seems to have become better!Time flies ago, the last program is our practice team all the team members dedicated to the children and all the folks we run flash waving singing “run” in the hope the children here can not forget the early heart all the way! People are like this, about the dead before we can appreciate.This morning to three classes of high school students to complete the last one English class, probably because leaving, inexplicable high expectations for them, but they often do not do so, perhaps in the hope that they can put this learning, the knowledge points to learn it, probably I was too impatient of the bar.Although it is the last class, but I hope they’ll be able to study properly for better results. Some of the students that we want to leave after all the team come let us signature.I was going, and really not willing.You can see some of them sad promise of their eyes, as if to see the sadness in their eyes. Li He Yan, Lai Yongming

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