No love is not madness


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That being evaluated as we“Who talk Patenggirls”At the age of 23 has gone through two marriages。The first fell in love with nothing except his own boy, family opposition, she was like a magic in the same courage, the boy without warning, suddenly left her。The thought that she will not stand, did not think six months later quietly married another boy。White wedding dress, flowery laugh nightmare, we seem to see a happiness to her door slowly opens。Shortly after the wedding, leaving the boy returned, the girl's love and if the boy rushing flood。Meet again and again, again and again betrayed, she did not know why, a little bit of himself to notice any of her husband's guilt are not。Just feel that they can not seem to love that person, never could get back to the normal track of life。In this way, appointments, betrayal, divorce, passion, remarry。Everyone thought she found true love, tough love in exchange for sweet happiness。But not a year, to meet again。When we are still“What love”And when distress, she said divorced, do not want to live with a man, the original crazy how much it seems ridiculous today。That night she was drunk, there is no shadow of a little lady before。She said enough, her love, and love suffering, I love tired, injured。Tone decidedly, as if to make a clean break with the world of men。After a period of time, to see her hand with a bald old man hands, like a first love when the same little girl, my mouth open and become?shape。She patted me on the shoulder, the man said to me the same way: sister, can not live without love。At this moment, I understand, in this world, perhaps only love to say this thing is not clear, so that many people will happily moths。    Another friend is absolutely typical good girl by her parents as a treasure, like love。From small to large did not let parents speak what the heart, but we all feel in love with a man should not fall in love。Parents objected to persuade friends and family do not let her have a hint of change。Parents angry, shut her not to go to work at home。Rural children, after school graduation finally have a stable job。Parents say, you break up with him, even if there is no work, we also support you forever。And it was their parents under house arrest, cut off all contact with the outside world。To take the exam, accompanied by his brother uncle, she was in their eyes secretly slipped away by car, and continued with her boyfriend。Parents angry, serious illness, she did not know the news home。She said at the time thought she would panic, worry about as parents, we feel guilty。But together with her boyfriend, but nothing felt。Brother told her parents when very ill。She was the wind phase and not cattle simply said“I'm very good”He hung up the phone。Almost severed relationship with her brother。Now I think of it, she said, then how will it do so?How even the parents of both life and death disregard it?She said that love really is scary stuff。    How this terrible thing“terrible”It?Is the origin of Valentine's Day, Valentine before the execution, the warden's daughter returned to write love letters; are risking their lives, dug up to 3 kilometers love tunnel under the Berlin Wall, Germany; Lovers wedding Flying into the day with Butterfly butterflies; Titanic collided with an iceberg in the moment, give Jack the chance of survival of the wife Rose, himself freeze to death in the Ice。such“terrible”Numerous ancient and modern love。There's nothing quite like a man desperate to fall in love with all of it and to pay their own?    Most shocking to me was a man in Guangdong, with a woman not far from my house met each other in Guangdong, men have a stable job, a woman is just an ordinary working girl。But the woman has left, he disappeared in one night just as。The man exhausted all means can not find his girlfriend, he had to help his girlfriend made a home phone to his girlfriend at home。I do not know his girlfriend's family is really no news of her daughter, or a novelty, has not told her where men。The man who grew up in the heart of the city waiting for news of her girlfriend at home。To his girlfriend's parents became a son of the same“Prospective son”。This practice he did not get his girlfriend to accept and love their parents, they urged the men back to work in a variety of ways。But the man wearing glasses insisted stayed in my hometown (a small village in western Hunan) learned to do farm work, but also learned to do housework。The dislike of his girlfriend's parents as their parents, with their own money to buy food, to buy things。Others puzzled eyes on him, he did not know what to。He says he is nothing。He lost his job can find, the money can be earned, he believed that his girlfriend will know it all, believe his girlfriend will come back, even if it is no longer in love, as long as his girlfriend appeared to give him an explanation can be。Year and a half, this man spent his infatuation brought more than ten thousand dollars, fair skin becomes dark, our dialect became his second language, and ultimately did not wait until his girlfriend。Kulei farm work, others, ridicule, he did not mind。But Bierbuxian girlfriend, his girlfriend's tight-lipped about his family, he finally could not stand tears, so left the village to let him love and hate。More than a year to pay in exchange for the physically and mentally tired。We all think that women are too unfeeling, heartless woman's parents too, he said, everything he has done because of love, if his girlfriend to give her a message, even if it can wait another eight or ten years。He said he later went back to work and earn money but also to find his girlfriend, but will not come back here, because this method can not find his love。I admire this man, maybe it seems he is too stupid to many people, too stupid, but I think, true love and so it goes?A person to another stranger who is willing to pay all their own。    Crazy love, whether they have self-directed and acted in twelve of it?

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