Korean media said North Korea sought after rice cooker: better than Chinese-made


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Reference News Network May 3 reported Korean media said, according to South Korea's National Intelligence Service April 29 news, recently became popular in the territory of the DPRK Han Guofu library card to use a rice cooker。  Yonhap April 30 reported that the NIS introduced recently in Korea, accounts for 1% of the population of the wealthy much prefer Korean products, but Korean products in North Korea banned the import and sale, usually roundabout when shopped South Korean goods in stores asking, "is there a better than Chinese-made"。  After 2010 the Cheonan incident, South Korea to take "May 24 sanctions against the DPRK," except for the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a comprehensive interrupt inter-Korean trade。But it is understood, there are a lot of Korean products by the Chinese traders Dandong and other areas of the border flowing into the hands of Korea。Fuqua rice cooker was popular in China is also through this channel into North Korea's。  In 2014, exports Fuqua rice cooker is 17.6 billion won, surged 85.3%, most of which are exported to China。Fuqua relevant responsible person said, Fuqua rice cooker in China's brand-name products, the company's China sales continue to increase, a significant increase in sales for Chinese tourists in duty-free shops。Used Fuqua Korean residents may be attracted Fuqua rice cooker function and taste, become "repeat customers", thereby enabling the Fuqua become a popular local。Fuqua Electronics is currently in the Kaesong Industrial Complex also has a factory, the annual output of 84 million units。

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