I love nowhere to place in the fleeting


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Just I want to look at you, you Mouzhong of water, with the shadow stature, like I miss outstanding spring buds in winter。  I have a rainbow of fantasy, where the thinking elongation wings, southern peach in the sky, free flying。  I reached out, they want to meet with a bunch of flowers and a kiss to the mark, meet so beautiful, I close my eyes, all the flowers and leaves of the outcome is, that I want is no shortage of perfect。  That year, I hold you in the palm of the hand, trembling body temperature through the palm of my emotions, I have been pulling into the left atrium, where the surging passion of Shanhaiguan。。。。。。  I turn to go, I use reincarnation, have not lead to this life we spend the old age, I look at you clear the world, dust-free。  You know, I saw far away a deep, deep into the cliff deep, far horizon to horizon。  I want to use my pity eyes looking at you love and hate, good and bad dilemma to let me view。  I finally to know that the two of us wandering in the world, you approached from so-called barbaric civilization, I come from a shortage of insects flying beasts, too many people recognized no avail, but I see you in my world already gone back and forth for centuries。  Helpless years, I stood you could see to the top, the list of so-called downtown, in a series of staged around you。  Clouds in my cheeks away, I took off the one hand, thinking to send a bouquet of beauty, it was already tomorrow against the background of bright sky in your, so I am here to rain, rain thin as fescue, in the absence of lane, and loneliness field, tears silently。  Puddles on the ground is able to do my shadow, most of the time, I'll stop and have been looking for the pace, take a look at themselves beyond recognition, like a fool-like, walk in their own world。  Branches drops crystal thorough, I was able to go through the eye, to see our past lives, a total of Lun dance, elegant long-sleeved。  We receded vulgar clothing, how many remaining years, and how much emotional value to wait, not the release of earthly trouble trouble chaos, I think this away。  I was drifting in the abyss of the day, you stretched my palm, I clearly see the piece of emotions flourish, lawlessness spread down。  Fleeting, I love and hate this life will be placed in the rainy season flying, perhaps, for that matter do not, perhaps, never seen!

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