Foreign media said Greece April 9 will run out of cash to deny the Greek Ministry of Finance


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BEIJING, April 3, according to foreign media reported Monday, euro zone officials said that Greece has informed the creditors, the country's government to April 9 will run out of cash, however, the Greek Ministry of Finance denied the news。  Earlier foreign media reported that at a meeting with the deputy finance ministers of the euro area on the phone, Greece urge creditors in advance disbursement of the loan, do not wait as a prerequisite for funding reform plan was agreed and implemented, however, the Greek request was rejected。  However, the Greek Ministry of Finance denied that the government had informed the creditor to April 9 will be no money available。Greek Ministry of Finance said in a statement, reported that "these problems may be discussed in the euro working group meeting on April 1, the Ministry of Finance denies giving straightforward"。  Earlier, the Greek interior minister has said that if foreign creditors not to provide further funding to Greece before April 9, the government will first pay salaries and pensions, and then with the borrower to defer repayment of IMF [microblogging] funds reached protocol。  A government spokesman later denied that Greece will miss IMF [microblogging] (IMF) repayment period。But in a closed-door meeting with Greek creditors call reiterated the country's choice。  If the Greek government agreed before the implementation of the reform program, you can get 7.2 billion euros of new loans from the eurozone and the IMF。Most of the new government of these reform measures are implemented do not want to, because of the promise they made with the government in the elections end of the budget consolidation policy contrary to。The Greek government is currently in negotiations can make a mutually satisfactory list of new reforms。  Eurozone officials said the representative of Greece to participate in the conference call, said the reform should not wait any longer to reach agreement, because the deadline is April 9。He also said that delaying the new loans until Greece reached an agreement with creditors is not realistic。  However, other participants included representatives of Germany, including reiterated Greece in order to get the rest of the 240 billion euros of aid, it is necessary to agree and implement reforms, April 9 can not make new loans。  April 1, Greece submitted to the lender a list of the latest reform plan, hoping to thaw aid and avoid a debt default, but euro zone officials said, needs further work before the new disbursement of funds。

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