Asian couple travel curse was the man in the street the car was splashed with an unknown liquid


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JasonYang start not realize what's wrong, according to the standard roadside signs speed limit continued to drive the vehicle before the line, but he inadvertently sweeping glances rearview mirror and found the back of the car a little bit wrong, the driver drove like a is drunk, like, a moment with a particularly tight, while dangling。
It appears that the driver of the car behind wants to overtake that can JasonYang is to follow the speed limit to open, and the West Coast are particularly tortuous road, no passing lane hardly safe overtaking。
After a while the car with the car driver himself, and even look to open up to the opposite lane, retrograde overtaking want, then just across the car, the car driver but fortunately timely response, to drive back to the normal lane, and it did not stuffed into tragedy。
But this breathtaking scene to JasonYang and MinjiSeo terrified, their good mood all gone, leaving only worry。 Repeatedly fails to overtake the truck driver was infuriated, he directed JasonYang the car shouted "Asian XXX" and the like, very fierce rhetoric。 After half an hour to reach the beach, and when JasonYang MinjiSeo back to the parking place, the scene in front of stunned。
Subsequently, JasonYang complained to the police about the incident, he said: "It is likely that the drivers that were abusive to their dry, because it involves driving this thing on racial discrimination, but also to make such bad behavior, such who is too much!"At present, the incident is under investigation。
(Into New Zealand) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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