China steel dumping thrown pot?China is the enabler of global steel prices


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  China condemned the dumping of steel is not objective Although many US steel producers strongly condemned the Chinese dumping cheap steel on the US market, but this is no reason to condemn。
  First, China's steel production mainly for personal use。 In mid-2017, Chinese steel production 1.04818 billion tons, exported 75.43 million tons of steel, China imported 13.3 million tons of steel, an increase of%。
Iron ore imports 1.07474 billion tons, up 5%。
  As can be seen from the above data, 2017 China's steel exports accounted for only 7% of China's steel output, China's steel mainly occupied mainly very small proportion of exports of steel。
In addition, in recent years by the impact of the policy to capacity, total steel exports to China in mid-2017 relative to 2016 decreased by%。 If Chinese steel companies really like that dumping steel in the United States steel producers blame, the absolute value of Chinese steel exports will not be only 75.43 million tons, instead of increasing exports of steel case drop will not appear。   Second, the US imports of Chinese steel products accounted for a very low。
With the US national de-industrialization and manufacturing development costs remain high, increasing US steel imports, in 2017, more than 70 percent of US imports of steel from Canada, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Russia and other countries。
The highest proportion in Canada, accounting for 16% of total US steel imports, followed by Brazil and South Korea, accounted for 13% and 10% respectively of total US steel imports, followed by Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Japan, accounting were 9%, 9%, 7%, 5%。 In contrast, mainland China's steel exports to the United States simply not on the number row。
  Even in 2015, mainland China has no large-scale production capacity to complete the time, in 2015, less than China's steel exports to the United States, only 2.16 million tons, accounting for the proportion of China's total steel exports 2%。
In fact, China's steel exports mainly flows to Asian countries such as Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand and other countries。
In 2015, China's steel exports of the six countries reached 43.85 million tons, of which 13.49 million tons of steel exported to South Korea, is the year the United States imported Chinese steel about 6 times。 We can say that South Korea is buying China's large iron and steel, the United States every year purchase less than the total amount of Chinese steel products in Korea fraction in 2015。   In short, the United States condemned the Chinese steel companies dumping steel into the US market argument is not objective。 It must be noted that, although China's steel products mainly for personal use, the proportion of exports is not high, but that does not mean low technological level of Chinese iron and steel industry。 In fact, in many areas, the technical level of China's iron and steel enterprises have been ranked first in the world echelon。 For example, aircraft carrier deck steel news recently introduced, such as for Polar and special low temperature steel Snow Dragon, the large thickness of the steel rack for offshore drilling platform for orbital welding steel railroad for special steel on spacecraft……  Economic considerations behind high tariff back in the past, the United States ten years ago also used a similar policy。   US President George W. Bush on 14 varieties of steel slabs, plates, long products and other imports of implementation March 5, 2002 three-year tariff quotas and tariffs levied by 8% -30%。 Subsequently, China, Japan and some European countries, has launched the WTO dispute settlement procedures against the US safeguard measures。   In November 2003, the WTO confirmed that the US steel safeguard measures implemented in violation of WTO rules。
Since then, many countries and regions of the United States issued a warning, if you do not cancel Section 201, will impose trade sanctions against US。 After a year and a half high tariff policy, in December 2003, US President George W. Bush announced the cancellation of protective tariffs on steel imports。
  On the surface, US President George W. Bush after the implementation of the high tariff policy year and a half recognized counsels, the abolition of protective tariffs on steel imports。 But in fact, protective tariffs on steel imports on the one hand reduce steel imports, on the other hand the United States steel companies to obtain a year and a half window period to complete the restructuring transformation。
  On the data, in 2013 19 months US imports of Brazilian steel% lower year on year, representing a decrease of imports of Japanese steel%, representing a decrease of imports of South Korean steel%。
Canada and Mexico because they belong to the North American Free Trade Association countries, the United States imported products from countries not subject to Section 201 limit, the negative impact would be smaller。
The Canada and Mexico is exempt, it may also be because both belong to the North American Free Trade Association countries。
  The Trump practice, quite the taste of the year to follow Bush's imposition of protective tariffs on steel imports。
After all, the United States has been shut down in the past few years a number of steel plants, a large number of blue-collar workers forced out。
The Trump promised to the American people during the campaign, it will bring work。 In this case, if you want to protect the interests of American businesses and workers, the simplest, but also by the history of proven practices it is to impose protective tariffs on steel imports up。   The United States condemns China dumping cheap steel on the US market, but do take China a pretext to implement trade protectionism。
Similarly, European countries did little to engage in trade barriers against Chinese steel。
Although China's steel exports in Europe the proportion is very small, in 2015, China's exports of steel products in France and Germany respectively million tons and tons, but this does not prevent the European countries in 2016 against Chinese steel products impose high tariffs dual。
Behind this phenomenon is not only European countries to protect their business, stable employment considerations, there are deeper political factors。
  Rejection pot China in line with the current American political correctness of recent years, with China actively carry out environmental remediation, shutting down a large number of steel companies in the past few years, China's steel production capacity has been cut lawful million tons, while production capacity decreased by one hundred million tons of illegal。
According to the British steel consulting company MEPS estimates, this wave cut capacity pushed global steel prices since the end of 2015 rose by Liu Cheng。
  In other words, China is not only not dumping steel in the world, but is an active promoter of global steel prices。
In other words, the United States accused China of dumping steel iron and steel enterprises to condemn the United States is very irresponsible remarks。 This irresponsible quite thrown pot suspects。   American steel companies themselves failed to get good business, are Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia's steel companies play into retreat。
But in public opinion, we must resolutely put the blame China training and preparation, the formation of the national army is not incompetent, but were too cunning military atmosphere of public opinion。
The internal contradictions toward China and China to bear the wrath of the United States of unemployed steel workers。
The Trump can calmly get out, and laughing at the side。   Why does that make Chinese pot back?After all, the moment in the United States court of public opinion, Russia and China are the best back-pot Man。   Taking into account the lack of improvement in the Russian economy in recent years, Russia bear the blame back to the main political aspects, such as the US media hype interference of the US presidential election in Russia。 Because China has made remarkable achievements in economic development, as well as the world-famous Chinese inexpensive products, coupled with the characteristics of the Chinese Communist Party and the socialist countries, and the United States for Trump steel giant, it would be difficult on Earth to find than a rapid economic development, the socialist countries of more appropriate evil autocratic back the pot Man。
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