Manchester house favored by the Chinese to buy this type of room but be careful


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  Why choose Chinese City?  According to the statistics of overseas property investment site outside the home network, currently China's purchase of real estate owners in the UK top three cities are ranked as London, Manchester and Liverpool。   In January this year, Chinese buyers to consult an estate of Manchester surged%, consulting Liverpool property also rose by 160%, while the intention of the London-based consultancy fell%。   2015, former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced his ambitious "economic engine of the North" program。
In the same year, he took from Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Blatter Ford, Newcastle, Cheshire East and other local leaders visited China, announced a series of investment opportunities worth 24 billion pounds, including including the the total value of 3 billion pounds of Manchester City world project, which plans to build 10,000 housing units, three new district。   Although these northern cities was the industrial development of the city during the British people proud, but in recent decades, the economic viability of these places, social development pales in comparison with some of the coastal cities and the capital London, which is to create Osborne mind "Northern economic engine" program。
  Hometrack UK city house price index showed that house prices in Manchester in February 2017, compared with the same period last year increased by%, not only rolled London, also ranks first in the major cities of the United Kingdom。
  Chinese buyers choose to buy a house in Manchester, is generally divided into two cases, one is occupied, the other is to buy a house investment。   As foreign investors to buy a house for rent, in addition to the purchase cost, rental income is an important indicator of the need to examine。
And London compared to Manchester City in the purchase cost, saving on transportation time and cost of an average parking has advantages。
  At present, buy a two-bedroom house in the center of Manchester, starting at 23 pounds (about 200 million yuan), while one bedroom only 15 million pounds (about 1.5 million yuan), but London prices but it is Manchester City three times。   Short-term investment mentality where student apartments this room type is the most popular room type Chinese investors。
There have been reports that Chinese buyers interested in the British student apartments developed in the past five years, also reported a new trend in many Chinese buyers to invest in the UK student apartments。
  2016, Chinese buyers outside the home increased online traffic to the UK listing 60 percent, "Mom and Dad are mostly school children for the past showings", due to the depreciation of the pound in the "off Europe" to promote the British referendum travel and study abroad, many students parents this as a stable income assets。
  In addition, student housing threshold is relatively low, the price ranged between 50,000 to £ 190,000, and many buyers' hands in the rental rate of return after the guarantee expires life ", this room type can be described as" short investment and quick "typical。   High-rise safety hazard rate as high as 75% in general, Chinese investment in student apartments, mostly of new housing, but also to the majority of high-floor。 However, recently a report on Manchester City high-rise safety hazards, causing people's attention。
The report notes that the Manchester area, nearly 75% of high-rise failed to meet fire safety standards。
  Security issues at stake, not child's play。 For landlords, tenants and others including Chinese buyers, including high-rise buildings, the data in this report can not help but after a cool ridge。 How to improve the high-rise safety measures to avoid the tragedy, the problem should pay attention to the British government and relevant departments。
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