Stubborn cough teach you how to do the treatment of intractable cough remedies


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How do intractable intractable cough is a very common phenomenon, I believe many people have encountered is how to do it are no better, then intractable cough how to do small series together and to see how to do the intractable cough We introduce!Intractable cough how to do, earthworm partridge pot material: earthworm 20 grams, a partridge, 10 grams of South apricot, apricot 10 g; Method: The material washed into the sand pot, simmered to Partridge after adding a small amount of Shulan seasoning, soup meat; for the crowd: for cough after upper respiratory tract infection, cough, allergic cough, and other times longer, cold side of children。
, Sydney stew Ingredients: 10 Fritillaria?15 grams, Sydney (skin) 1?2, Tremella 30 grams, crystal sugar; Method: wash the material, add water stew service; for groups: for the fall cough, cough hot drying rhinitis children, not physical Deficiency。
, Yam material: yam 30 grams, 30 grams, 10 grams, 10 grams Southern apricot, apricot 10 g; Method: material washed, dried and ground into powder, add appropriate amount when boiled into a paste; for groups: suitable for gastroesophageal reflux cough, allergic cough and cough due to the spleen and stomach caused。
Intractable coughing how to do 2, moxa treatment of intractable coughing process may take Feishu, spleen, too deep, Hegu, Leong, etc., according to the upper portion of the lower portion of moxibustion moxibustion points and then sequentially points of moxibustion。 Enable patients to take a comfortable position, set fire moxibustion moxa, standing side of the body the patient, holding moxa, so attempting alignment points, from skin 3?5 cm height moxibustion, local skin patient warm feeling without burning appropriate。 It recommended that patients themselves can moxibustion moxibustion to the point, easy to control temperature。
Each acupuncture moxibustion 10?15 minutes to point skin flushing for the degree of patient。
Such treatment once daily, 5-10 times as a course, each treatment interval of 7 days。 Such cough moxibustion best suited to talk about things。

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