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  How Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders (micro-channel public number kopleader) columnist Li Delin scripts should avoid these hand clap of thunder and the stock market, investors who think now is the question!At this time people dare to take the knife, but two, one is the master, the other is a novice。
At this time or not blindly buy the dips。   The east wind, newspaper brass, A shares more afraid than miserable?Recently, the stock market really is like Pandora's box is opened, the clap of thunder comic play is the heart!Science finally, really simpler than bad, out of fear that he corrected the annual report, but still down!  After a lapse of four years, scallops and went around the world, but this is not terrible, terrible is that these scallops collusion took the listed companies 700 million loss!So those who always say poor tour, absolutely no intelligent Zhangzidao scallops, to tour the rich, but also poetry and wine!The results do not go does not matter, one million bottles of wine stock Huangtai, so together with the scallops disappeared!  Two Ah I wonder which one million bottles of wine, Zhangzidao scallops, how many days have to carry it?Rogue is not terrible, fear rogue culture, these listed companies is an actor, drama graduate of the Central School of fine, nothing out of the seriousness of nonsense is like!The man named as a listed company is a living piece hand, the report says 4.8 billion loss, which the company opened two Ah look, it's also a total market capitalization of 30 billion, to pay into their own are not enough!What is not so much the loss, as well as such companies even do not know how much loss!  Trinidad-iron water daily limit of 25 daily limit, but also created a new record share for several years!Now followed, but it does not matter, saying that this record will soon be broken, a few days ago talking about two Ah book of only 178 yuan ST HuaZe valuation was lowered to 5% of the fund company before the suspension, equivalent to 61 limit, as if it is a more than miserable Assembly!  Or nearly a month after finally opening years, 4 days halved!This year's winter seem long, in this two hundred stock limit, the retail investors who have become numb, and now the only pleasure is closing number plates every day, Trinidad number plates, and music, as the number of board!  Now the stock market is a large area clap of thunder, stocks suffered heavy casualties, flash collapse are everywhere!Two Ah look at the computer next to a small fortune in a green said it was Davis double play ah!That market is expected to have a stock price volatility promote the role of good will is expected to be better, but the market for such a mine fried, it is added to kill the kill, see also sickle sickle!  How should avoid these scripts hand clap of thunder and the stock market, investors who think now is the question!The person determined to find that a person is a sign of bad!Under the recent killing more powerful than high stock valuations, is the poor performance!Prior to these downward revisions to the annual report of the company is also controversy, as early as in the heyday of the music, as the music, as the media reported when there is a Ponzi scheme; and Zhangzidao, has also been a criminal record; there are companies like commitment to resolve intra-industry competition and dishonesty in person, plus poor management of bondage; coupled with the announcement that the company Gaosongzhuan superimposed holdings of shareholders; in addition there is the performance of the company declined year by year to keep up with the market, etc.。
Under such a company it still far from the point, the gentleman does not stand Weiqiang!  At this time people dare to take the knife, but two, one is the master, the other is a novice!So this time or not blindly buy the dips, in the face of these large clap of thunder listed companies, perhaps investors would say, that they are rolling eggs on the cliff – not a good goods!。

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