BEIJING "Focus Lens" into the Master


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International certification of product quality TAB May 2016 successfully joined IBWA a member of the International Bottled Water Association (certified by NSF accrediting bodies)。 After enrollment period under review, a total of 74 factories TAB join audit certification, the official review after 10 months, 74 factory floor level are up to standard IBWA。
IBWA official review of the implementation of 90 Master each plant to examine include: plant equipment and the environment, manufacturing processes, control mechanisms, raw and finished water quality of the site and written examination。
Through rigorous review of bottled water the whole process of (covering: food safety programs, HACCP plan, food protection measures, water source, ground / building / facilities / equipment, product and process control, lid and container control, beverages deployment of process control, detection / inspection control and environmental protection), sufficient to ensure the production of Master Kong beverages bottled water, has reached international standards in terms of quality, production processes and monitoring and management, and in line with US FDA standards。
IBWA become a member, also it means that the raw water and finished TAB adopted are in line with international quality standards。 Successfully joined IBWA means of TAB technology in production of bottled water used are up to international standards。 Proving once again that the Master has world-class production capacity and have industry-leading food safety and quality control system。 After adding IBWA, Master Kong can have timely access to the latest global bottled water technologies and scientific research achievements in product quality and food placement of continuous self supervision, and continue to improve the food safety system。 IBWA licensed Master Kong identity cards, to provide consumers with more choice at ease drinking water, consumers can at any time with no country being a world-class high-quality, health, safety, good water!。

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