Do not regret this life


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Busy hear the song "You are my heart burn-in", a song that mildly sweet music that has touched me recall for you。You listen to songs they sing:“You are my heart a deep imprint, you're the only figure in my eyes, you are my dream repeat the story, you are my ears removed exhort。”“You are my dreams like the depths of forever, the thoughts stop, oh, you are my this life, never regret not regret infatuation。”    Maybe, I'm handling of our love is too pull off a bit; maybe I care too much you have gained a share of shallow happiness; perhaps, that I was too traditional conservatism。I'm afraid that if we are immersed in the river I would love Wanjiebubao, perhaps there are too many perhaps, I love when you aflame, going down a downpour extinguished the fire。    Yes, I rushed out of the siege, I can spread wings in the blue sky, to the place where the rainbow, looking for a part of their own happiness, then, bathed in brilliant sunshine of me, even after the windy and rainy in life, do not mention the past, but no need to look back wound that has not healed marriage, only to enjoy a safe and leisurely。But you do, how you do it?    Tell me about it, you are now the pillow, though not the first wives, not your confidante, she is a person you should be grateful, she pulled you out when you are in distress, she in you when you are helpless to warm up, you can not only her as you“girlfriend”!Now that you have this life and married her husband, will be responsible in the end, we must love her in the end, even if you do not love her, even if you love me more than you love her a thousand times, but also with her in your siege good to stay。Do you think this is a very painful right?If you ask“When the head Son?”Pro, I can not answer you, I can not answer you, I have no right to answer you, only that Sansei Stone River, kindly listen to Galaxy shore of the Buddha is shown how to open it。。。。.I'm not willing to dare all for the love of a woman, my heart might be sensible to do, I can swing romantic swing back to you in a tree hibiscus tree, I can hurt you before putting you in a time good medicine, I might be able to when you eat a lot of wine in a country road Yuemingxingxi, wore autumn mountain waiting for you to return, however,“Since love together”——I can not do!    Willing to Buddha in the lotus seat Nianhua the time, you and I will face in the crowd with a Buddha comprehend meaning, that smile of people, me, you also……    “Even indelible memories, love and hate are still in my heart, really want to break in the past, continue to make good tomorrow, you would not have asked me the news hard, love it is a problem, people blinking, forget pain may be able to, but not easy to forget you, you never really leave, you always in my heart。”Leslie sings sad song, so I can not help but shed a tear。because“I still have love for you, I can do nothing on their own”!"Always for you heartache"……    Having said that, this life without regret……

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