US group to play the same day the car line to be interviewed Response: The active rectification


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  Jingwei new clients March 22, according to Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission official micro-news letter, "the US group taxi" net about car platform was formally launched March 21 in Shanghai。 Day Shanghai Traffic Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Market Inspection Bureau three departments jointly interviewed, "the US group taxi," "Shanghai Road Group Co., Ltd." responsible person belongs, require the company to strictly comply with the city's parade taxi, about network cars and other relevant regulations, specifications to carry out operational activities。   Road Technology Group company official said it would comply with the requirements of the government administration, active rectification, standardized operation, the main responsibility for the effective implementation of corporate governance。 US group to be interviewed taxi Source: Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission official micro-channel in view of "the US group taxi," the situation has been released and the vehicle registration advertising in the Shanghai Transportation Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the market seized them about jointly talk。
  Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission in accordance with the "Network taxi booking business services Interim Measures," "Network management a number of provisions to operate a taxi service reservation in Shanghai" and industry management practices, reiterated the relevant job requirements。
  First, when the road regiment technology companies in the city officially launched the network about the car business activities, all registered vehicles and personnel must obtain city network about cars and related operating license before the formal operation of the relevant data access must be registered and the driver of the vehicle city industry monitoring platform; Second, "the US group taxi" platform may not provide the vehicle registration license is not obtained and the driver, the car call release information and engage in business activity; Third, in accordance with the relevant regulations about city car network management , given the current "US Mission taxi" information platform has not been relevant data required to access the city network monitoring platform about the car industry, it should be immediate rectification, access to relevant data。
  Interviews requirements, Mission Road, technology companies should reasonably determine the net about freight car, clearly marked, promising not exclude competitors or dominate the market below cost price in order to disrupt the normal operating market order, impair the national interest or other business operators improper price behavior legitimate rights and interests, not price violations; interviews requirements, published in advertisements must not appear like "a dollar of departure", "low start" and other misleading acts, statements regarding throat price competition content, has published similar advertisements should be revoked。   Road group interviews also require technology companies have been set up software taxi taxi parade, in accordance with the relevant provisions may not have similar "Thank fee" and increase functionality and driver-side destination display; registration information related to the parade taxi vehicles and drivers yet prior to access the city's taxi information service platform, can not be achieved, "states dome light conversion orders", "legality of the registration information than", "passenger car called the state to stop sending information," the three major functions, not open parade taxi operating a taxi business software, is now on-line operation should be immediate rectification。   Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, said Mission Road technology companies should take these rules seriously, earnestly implement the work requirements, if found to have irregularities, traffic management departments will be investigated and dealt with according to relevant laws and regulations of vehicles, personnel and platform company law, the relevant irregularities will also take legally canceled, administrative license revocation penalties, involving about corporate credit, traffic management departments will be included in the list of dishonesty in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Shanghai Social credit regulations"。
  Mission Road technology companies responsible person interviewed gave a presentation on "US Mission taxi" related to the organization of work in Shanghai line operations, it said it would comply with the requirements of government departments, active rectification, standardized operation, earnestly implement the main business management responsibility。 (New Jingwei APP) Following the new latitude and longitude public micro-channel number (micro-letter search for "new latitude" or "jwview"), to see more exciting financial information。   。

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