How things change in the future military war mode?


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Have you heard that in the world, every grain of sand will have its own IP address。
Internet for us to create a virtual world, with its one word of things, but as we opened the window a shift from virtual reality。
More simply, things is "material objects connected to the Internet."。
It is deployed by the mass sensor can sense the Internet different sources of information, achieve the information exchange between objects, things with objects and network communication。 Perhaps in the near future, a high degree of information war will come quietly。 Unlike in the past is that this is not the first red soldiers dressed in camouflage, but a group of agile combat robot。
These robots have access to information and real-time processing capabilities, operational tasks can be completed independently under the precise control of a remote command center。 In fact, these came from the sci-fi blockbuster fighting robots used in military, battle droids are each a military Internet of the most common, but a network node。
And it is the rapid development of military things, the future battlefield, each network node will be built into a battlefield was linked network, consisting of information warfare "dragnet"。 With the rapid development of the new round of technological revolution, human society will soon enter a new era of all things Internet, but also will bring fundamental changes in information warfare style combat。 The focal point of tipping the future revolutionary war, comes as the military things。
Military things: change the future war mode pushing hands a military bonanza of things untapped military is to fight all kinds of elements in communication with the military information network through information sensing means, constituting military was linked network self-organization, and military information exchange communications and network technology。 Its prototype can be traced back during the Vietnam War in the 1960s, the US military is listening "Ho Chi Minh Trail" and from personnel and vehicles, using unattended "tropical tree" vibration sensor。
When the target traveling on a road, the sensor can detect the vibration information of the target sound source is generated, and the data transmitted to the command center quickly, after analysis can mobilize the target air aircraft bombed。
With the development of radio frequency identification technology, a two-dimensional bar code technology and intelligent sensor technology, military things can be a lot of human resources freed from routine work out of the complex, the further development of dynamic visualization of logistical support system。 Things appear the military, it is assigned its own Internet address for each network element of combat on the battlefield。
Things in the military, the weapons and equipment, status information and operational characteristics of individuals and battlefield environment can be perceived in real time over the network and rapid response。 US R & D-man combat information system, you can send and receive the contents of a unified battlefield situation map, fire plans, action plans and other tables, you can also access the Internet tactics to achieve the group call broadcast and point to point within a specific area。 With this technique, all personnel and equipment on the battlefield, will be integrated into the combat system based on joint military things, the overall combat capability will be significantly improved。 In this sense, the military is an important means of things human and information technology weaponry and combat systems to achieve the best combination, which is known as "an untapped military bonanza"。

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