More than Chinese students in Australia because Australians are playing or mental balance


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According to the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne website news December 19, the most recent period, several cases occurred in different parts of Australia insults, beatings of Chinese students。 Consulate General in Melbourne reminds all Chinese students studying in Australia, pay attention to prevent security risks while in Australia may face。 Foreign Policy Research Institute Shanghai Institute for International Studies big power diplomacy Room Main Renzhou Shi pointed out that the new Australian Consulate The move is intended to alert the Chinese students face outside threats to personal and property safety, they should defend their rights through legitimate means。
At the same time, also to remind the Australian government and media, deal with relevant cases as soon as possible, Chinese students also fair, do not let further deterioration of Sino-Australian relations。
Six months, a vicious beating China to study in Australia many events。 In August, four Chinese students (including a coaching assistant) is a young man with a baseball bat and wounded at the Australian National University。
Chinese girl with the most serious injuries, resulting in the head by a heavy blow concussion, 8 sewing needle, and the right arm fracture。 In October, three Chinese high school students was a group of local teenagers hit in Canberra Southern District, killing one person and temporary blindness。
According to reports, the batterer shouting back to China。
Chinese students studying in Australia suffered injustice event the past two years increased。 Zhou Shixin analysis pointed out that this imbalance reflects the psychological part of Australians。 Zhou Shixin said Australia's "brain is the West, the body is in Asia。
"Located in the Asia-Pacific, but predominantly white Australia has always regard themselves as European countries, who have strong feeling in Europe。
Earlier, Australia has to follow a US-British, American willing to do "little brother"。
But in recent years, China's influence in the Asia-Pacific region gradually rise, China has emerged as Australia's largest trading partner, the United States and their allies in the Asia-Pacific region but retreat。 According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017 1–9 in mid-Australia bilateral trade amounted to $ billion, up%。
China continues to maintain Australia's largest trading partner, largest export destination and largest source of imports。
In addition, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, signed in 2015, every year since 2017 a third round of tax cuts to promote the economic integration process to play an active role in promoting the Asia-Pacific region pragmatic。
Professor Kelly Brown Asia expert at the University of London, King said, for Australia, on a distance of more recent Chinese exacerbated the sense of Australia's geographic isolation and the sense of vulnerability。 Australia and the United States worry about strategy tied to the political security will be China's influence。 "Australia and China have close economic and trade exchanges, and China wants it to stay in touch, but they do not want to follow the Chinese want to compete with China。 "Zhou Shixin said," Their mentality more tangled。 "In addition, Australia's mainstream media but also closer to the West。 Affected public opinion in Europe and America, Australia and many Chinese media suspicion, ill-formed public opinion, fueled unfriendly attitude toward China's Macao people。
Meanwhile, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Asia-Pacific research director Xu Liping cultural society, said Australia's recent frequent incidents of insulting Chinese students and recent House of Representatives election-related。
Australian Prime Minister for political purposes malicious speculation anti-China rhetoric, the Chinese issue is politicized, further stimulated by Australia's "tangled" mood。
Some people beat Chinese students in Australia to some extent reflects Australia's national strategic problems。 Zhou Shixin pointed out that if Australia wants good relations with China, it should be in the political fine-tuning, the implementation of more robust policies, and timely, proper handling of events the Chinese suffered unfair treatment in Australia, so as not to further strain Sino-Australian relations。 (Text / Dai Yun Shang) Editor: Lirui Chen, Xu snow。

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