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Fall diet to eat what autumn is a season of autumn, the weather is not cold nor hot, a lot of people are very fond of autumn, its diet is also very important, then what is the autumn diet eat together and network the night to see the autumn diet What kind of introduce it!Fall diet what to eat 1, should eat dry grain autumn weather, in order to alleviate the symptoms Qiuzao, in the morning we can eat more food grains, which is a good method of nourishing yin。
There are many types of cereals, grains like wheat,, soybeans are。
We can morning cup of milk or a cup of tablets and drink, so not only delicious, but also can help us dry cured。2, pomegranate juice drink pomegranate autumn is the large number of listed season, many people like to eat pomegranate seeds pomegranate peel。In fact, pomegranate can also be pressed into juice drink, it is also very delicious and nutritious。
Pomegranate juice can add a lot of substance and for our body to maintain the delicate and healthy。Often drinking pomegranate juice also helps us from the inside and outside nourishing yin, but also can improve oral health, keeping fresh and natural tone lasting。
Fall diet what to eat 3, eat hot food from summer to autumn, the most obvious change is the temperature constantly fall。Our bodies to adapt to changes in the natural world, little will change physiological metabolism occur。This season, they had better not to eat cold food, which may cause diarrhea and other symptoms。
Fall, we should eat some warm food and warm meals。
Like cold drinks, ice cream, salad these foods, we will try to eat, otherwise it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort aspects。

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