Why Hong Kong has the world's most successful intelligent transportation card?


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  Metro bus card in addition to what can be done by public transport?In Hong Kong, the issue is not one or two words to say clearly。
  Omnipotent Octopus Hong Kong Octopus card called the world's most successful, powerful enough to do anything: In addition to the basic bus ride subway, can not imagine there are many services, such as: boat, taxi, watching movies, swimming, watching horse racing, parking, hospital registration, attendance records and hundreds of thousands of retail brands and shops etc.。   In these services, among them, one of the most unique, Octopus can earn money to be able to act as HK, familiar friend in Hong Kong must have guessed, this is the Rewards。   What is the Rewards?  Simply put, Octopus Rewards users to register as members, there are businesses Octopus Rewards at any sign of consumer paste, you can get Reward $, you can replace the use of cash。
Rewards cooperative businesses throughout Hong Kong, a variety of supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping centers and dining and entertainment venues, you can use and earn Reward。   Rewards began in November 2005, is the Octopus launched a program aimed at collecting Hong Kong consumer behavior data, through data mining and analysis, as a future product, service promotion。 Of course, for the average consumer, the most important thing is to enjoy the benefits and earn interest, what we are most concerned about。   Beijing also has Rewards bus card can make money!Such a good thing, not only in Hong Kong, now in Beijing has a similar service。 Beijing Xidan Joy City is located on the line recently a new service, using the Beijing municipal transportation, you can receive a free daily bus subsidies, and the difference is in Hong Kong, Rewards need to consume before they can earn, and in the Xidan Yue City, without any consumption, you can receive free public transport subsidies。
  Interestingly, called Hong Kong Octopus Rewards, and Xidan Joy City, called every day tours。
Specific collection method is very simple, just need to focus Joy micro-channel, through a shake receive verification code, enter this code at the Xidan Joy City tours every day, equipment, shot card (card) money into the card immediately。
  It is reported that, Xidan Joy City tours every day, is the mainland, the first to introduce Hong Kong Octopus mall tours, and, on the basis of daily tours of Hong Kong on the characteristics of the user and the mainland market, there were targeted upgrades and improvements, in addition to daily receive a free public transport subsidies, the future will introduce more rich service around public transportation card。

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