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Finally ushered in a rare "corner beyond" opportunities, investors awaited mixed ownership reform is about to set sail。  April 5 evening, the HKEx announcement that the parent company of the Group is planning to promote and carry out the major issues related to the mix to change, the major issues is intended to be the controlling shareholder of China United Network Communications Corporation (China Unicom A shares platform) is platform, matters may involve changes in shares of China Unicom a-share companies。  ?China Unicom shares Gaokaidizou April 5 while in the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that the HKEx, 5th from temporary stop, important matters to be disclosed。However, China Unicom 6 am to resume trading on the HKEx, while the A shares continue to be suspended in。  China Unicom?Shares resume trading after yesterday morning highs trend presented throughout the day, opening rose more than 3 percent, but then the share price diving。At the close, China Unicom?Shares fell 3.87%。  China Unicom have to market?After stocks to resume trading of Lenovo China Unicom A-share stock price。A company to accept the Securities Times reporter interviewed and electronic brokerage believes that the current situation of mixed concrete reform plan yet to be introduced, the market is not expected to be fully released, together with Hong Kong itself is not as good as the hype the concept of A shares strong, but China Unicom mix change A shares has been determined to platform operation, so China Unicom?Cap stocks is not an analogy with the trend of the China Unicom A shares resume trading。  Chanson capital Shen Meng executive director, told reporters that China Unicom as a catch-up in the field of mobile communications, the demand for mixed change and enhance their own competitiveness through is strong, it also brings a lot of imagination for the future development of China Unicom is expected to。But the choice Unicom A shares of the company as a platform to change the mix, it will inevitably lead to China Unicom?Shares further marginalized, and therefore China Unicom?Shares resume trading after diving to express?Shareholders attitude。However, China Unicom A shares as beneficiary, and may lead to new growth point, take a good share price after the resumption of high hopes。  For now, helped push China Unicom is expected to change the mix, China Unicom?Shares rose more than six months in 15%, while China Unicom A-share price over the same period rose eighty percent, far exceeding the performance?share。The analyst said the market is expected in the early days had a certain digestion, but also the future of China Unicom specific mix the actual content of the reform plan, so that if the company can really similar to BAT shares which, profitable investment opportunities after China Unicom A shares resume trading is still quite big。  However, Jefferies Group research reports that China Unicom mix change to pay attention to the development of multiple parties, including the new investors can have an impact on the management of new investors how to improve China Unicom operators, but even the Internet company shares, which the actual operation of China Unicom can have questionable how much help。  Unicom mix change has already been locked March 31, 2017 morning, the reform of a special meeting held in the Committee of Development and Reform Commission pointed out that focus their efforts to change the mix pilot, approved the implementation of a pilot program to change the mix as soon as possible。To follow sound governance, strengthen the incentive, highlight the main industry, improving efficiency requirements, focus their efforts on the pilot mixed ownership reform, approved the implementation of the pilot program as soon as possible, taking the essence of the power, oil, gas, railways, civil aviation, telecommunications, military and other fields of pace, form a group of typical cases, the formation of replicable replicable experience, mixed field of telecommunications reform goals already locked China Unicom。  Last October 10, China Unicom had announced that Unicom Group took part in the September 28, 2016 the National Development and Reform Commission held a pilot reform of state-owned enterprises of mixed ownership Workshops, Unicom Group is meeting in accordance with the spirit and the spirit of relevant national policies, research mixed ownership and discuss embodiments reform, Unicom Group was included in the first batch of pilot matters mixed ownership reform, has not yet received final approval, there is uncertainty, the specific embodiments are also still under discussion。  By the year March 15 of this year, China Unicom Chairman and CEO of Ping in the annual results press conference confirmed that the current mix reform program is still awaiting regulatory approval。  Mix change "partner" to be solved in the mix after China Unicom identified as the first batch of pilot enterprises reform, the outside world to imagine Unicom mix reform program never stopped, two other telecom giants and Internet BAT Big Three become the most hot " scandal "Object。After all, the main state-owned enterprises reform path is mixed with the overall market, shares of private enterprises, state-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions and employee stock ownership four。  After three previous rumors of BAT in the mix to change Unicom to become the first batch of pilot enterprises, with China Unicom launched a uniform business cooperation。  The end of October last year, Tencent and China Unicom to launch the "Tencent king card", only 19 yuan per month, Tencent Department of APP China Unicom mobile phone users of the free flow of。November 2, 2016, China Unicom announced that it will cooperate with the network, artificial intelligence, big data, communications infrastructure business and other fields。November 13, 2016, with China Unicom signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation on the basis of communications services, networks and the Internet industry and other areas, to speed up the supply-side structural reforms for mobile Internet。  However, due to the current China Unicom's mix reform program has not released details, so China Unicom's partner did not change the final mix unveiled。Securities Times · Electronics reporter contacted Tencent, Ali respect people, the other side have said, no comment。  Some analysts believe that China Unicom will be adjusted to change the mix of China Unicom's shareholding structure by way of a given increase their investment and transfer of existing shares, held by China Unicom, Unicom Group owned by 62.74% down to 36%; at the same time, the introduction of information industry in strength, the main industry associated with high, strong complementarity of state-owned capital accounts for 19% of the initial candidate object is the Chinese CITIC Group and China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. ; in addition, the introduction of the Internet and other areas of the home territory of a number of non-public ownership enterprises and employees accounted for 20.06%; public shareholders accounted for 24.94%。  Although the authenticity of this program has not yet been confirmed that China Unicom。However, if any one of them can succeed BAT stake in China Unicom, China Unicom to boost the effect will be very obvious。(Original title: China Unicom to change the final mix sail?Shares diving A shares will be how to interpret) (Editor: DF319)

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