April 27 evening of listed companies good audio list (list)


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April 27 evening, the Shanghai and Shenzhen listed companies announced a number of the following is a summary of good news: the proposed executive Liu Xianghua holdings does not exceed 100 million yuan within three months Qianshan medicine machine (300216) announcement, the company's actual controller one of the largest shareholder, chairman Liu Xianghua based on confidence and recognition of the company's prospects for the future development of the value of the company, intends to own funds holdings of company stock within three months, no more than 100 million yuan, and promised to increase after completion of holding no transfer of shares held by the company within six months。  : Consortium wins the bid 7.100 million yuan road projects Yuntou ecology (002200) April 27 evening announcement, the company on the 27th received a "winning notice" to confirm the company and Yunnan Shengda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Tongji University Institute of Architectural Design (Group ) Ltd. Yongchang Road Baoshan City (Dabao Expressway – winning consortium Eastern Ring Road) road project, the bid amount 7.100 million yuan。Notice that a positive impact on the smooth implementation of the contract will be the company in mid-2017 operating results。  The first successful pre-bid 67.55 million yuan project Longquan shares (002,671) April 27 evening announcement, the company became "Hunan Xiaoshui oozes Tianhe Reservoir Expansion Project Irrigation Canal of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCP pipe) procurement" project: candidates in this tender offer for 6755.18 million, accounting for the company in 2016 operating income of 8.53%。  : Pre-bid 2.4.5 billion yuan project the Lingnan Garden (002717) April 27 evening announcement, the company recently became the first successful candidate Liaocheng Dongchang Lake landscape design and construction of road travel and enhance overall system contracting projects, the estimated total investment of about 2.4.5 billion yuan。  Won wisdom of agricultural investment placards Winall Tech (300,087) disclose announcement, the company recently by the Beijing-Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Chi agricultural investment") placards, which on March 1 to April 25 day to 13.41 yuan / share price holdings by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange centralized auction system or systems Tsuen Silver Tech tradable shares 15,990,920 shares, representing approximately 5% of the total shares Tsuen Silver Tech, the use of funds of about 2.1.4 billion yuan。Announcements, intellectual investment in the agricultural holdings shots out of the development trend of the seed industry and the future development of confidence in Tsuen Silver Tech。Chilean agricultural investment that does not rule out the possibility holdings Tsuen Silver Tech shares over the next twelve months。  Program directors, supervisors and high stock holdings of no more than 200 million yuan, a longitudinal Technology (300 477) 27 evening announcement, the company's actual controller, chairman and director Wei Liu Zegang strong, director Ren increase, Director Ho Yun, director Gao Xing, supervisor Wang Ping a shared commitment since April 28, 2017, within six months, in accordance with the relevant provisions of China Securities Regulatory Commission and Shenzhen stock exchange, shares of the company through the secondary market holdings, holdings of the amount of not more than 200 million yuan, increasing its hold the required sources of funds are owned or self-financing。  : Holdings of the controlling shareholder intends to not less than 1,500 shares ding interconnection (002,491) April 27 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder through Ding Group and part of the management plan to increase its stake in the company within the next six months, Tong Ding Group intends to holdings of not less than 1,500 shares, the number of holdings does not exceed 2% of the company's total share capital; general manager Cai Wenjie, director Huang Jian, Byzoro Chen Haibin, chairman of a subsidiary, a subsidiary of micro energy Technology chairman Sheng Jianqin other four each person who wishes to holdings of not less than 50 million shares。  : Holdings of the controlling shareholder of 174 million shares of nuclear power in the Taiwan Strait (002,366) April 27 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder of the Taiwan Strait Group April 21 – April 26 holdings of 174.42 million shares, accounting for the company's total share capital 0.4023%。  Won the actual control holdings of 103 million shares of Aura by 27 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder, actual controller, chairman Hou Ruohong respectively in April 26, 2017, on the 27th Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading system through the cumulative increase in the secondary market holds 1,030,388 shares of the company.00 shares, the average price for the 19 holdings.96 yuan / share, the company's total share capital 0.7503%。After the holdings, the total number of shares held by the company to 27,972,403 Houruo Hong.00 shares, accounting for the total number of shares 20.3697%。

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