"Unicorn first unit," WuXi 13 daily limit break one hundred billion market capitalization


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May 24, medicine Unicorn PharmaTech (603,259) opening the word limit again, reported 97.6 yuan, the company's market capitalization exceeded 100 billion mark。This is the first drug on the market since WuXi 13 daily limit, due to the issue price of 21 PharmaTech.$ 6, each sign means profit reached 700.The most profitable 6 million, continue to refresh the record year of new shares。  Announcements WuXi announcement, the company stock on May 22, May 23 for two consecutive trading days closing price deviation from the cumulative value of more than 20%, are unusual fluctuations in stock。By the company self-examination and consultation in writing the actual controller, as of announcement date of disclosure, the company's actual controller significant concerns the company should be disclosed but there is no。  Official media commentary called unicorns company is with more than $ 1 billion valuation and the company established a relatively short time。Statistics show that China's current unicorn number of global enterprises accounted for more than 35%, the situation is gratifying。Because Unicorn enterprise explosive strength, significant effect on stimulating the economy, many local governments, the appropriate policy support。  The unicorn enterprises as key to nurture, not wrong, but must respect the objective economic laws, business development law as a precondition。Otherwise, the unicorn could become "poisonous horned beast"。In some places showed high Unicorn enterprise training objectives, and some even said that the next round of the region can stand on the high ground, to see the unicorn enterprise training。Unicorn enterprises have been given such high expectations, worrying。  After all, the policy is too hard, it could "for the Unicorn and Unicorn" phenomenon and other problems Destructive Enthusiasm。A few years ago the development of many PV companies got into trouble, one of the reasons that led to blindness blindness policy development, policy has brought disorder disorderly development of the industry。Many enterprises in accordance with economic laws could have orderly development of policy in order to seize high ground, caught in the quagmire of disorderly development。It is worth wake-up call, if the policy is "name" may be, but not according to the "real" used by those who wanted to work hard in technology, product companies, it may give up technology research and product development, to fight for policies or subsidies abandon the core competitiveness。  Some places in the formulation of policies to encourage the development of enterprises unicorn, data is still around to make a fuss, ignoring the development of quality problems。To see the current unicorn enterprises are mostly in the field of emerging economies。Despite the emerging economies it is indeed a major soil unicorn enterprise was born, but compared to other areas most prone to bubbles in emerging economies, risks that may be encountered in the development of the largest。In this regard, the country must be prepared, scientific decision-making。  In short, support unicorn enterprises must be supported within the scope permitted by the policy, the policy must not be overdrawn to performance and credibility of the government, not to allow enterprises could have orderly development of disarray。At the same time, functional departments should create a good "pro", "clean" the political and business environment, create a good business environment for fair competition。Otherwise, businesses can not develop, it will not stay for long, let alone enter。

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