Citigroup: Unable to reach an agreement or make the Greek government collapse


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Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK February 20 news, current problems in Greece as the main risk to the global market imminent。After the left-wing Syriza party came to power, Greece and the twists and turns of the EU bailout talks。Since Greece took a tough stance, Monday's Eurogroup summit broke up。Thursday offered to the existing Greek bailout extension of six months, but was opposed to Germany。Since the existing aid agreement will expire on February 28, Friday is the deadline for Greece could reach a compromise with the EU。  But the ability to Citigroup (Citi) economist reach a new debt agreement with the Greek government for the euro zone leaders expressed concern。Ibrahim Rahbari Citigroup analysts said, there is "after consultations fail or delay the risk to life and death deadline."。  Rahbari believe the risk of a Greek exit remains。  He pointed out in the report, if the negotiations on Friday no results, the risk of Greece out of the euro will rise, but before that, things may be more immediate capital controls, the collapse of the Greek government in order to "trigger a new round of elections or reorganization coalition government ", 'or salvage agreement or whether out of the euro referendum'。  If you can not be reached this week, the new bailout agreement, the existing aid agreement will automatically expire。However, Citigroup said that although the results may result in the Greek financial market turmoil and capital controls, "it does not automatically come out of the negotiations or the complete failure of the European Central Bank [microblogging] cut off Greek banks for emergency liquidity assistance。"In Citi's view, the current Greek debt negotiations there are two main obstacles。  The first major obstacle is the issue of Greece's fiscal surplus target。According to reports, the euro group is ready to reduce Greece's fiscal surplus target, but the Greek government is still resilient enough to think, it is not possible to reach agreement。The second obstacle is the Greek government's commitment to the successful conclusion of the current Financial Assistance Programs。This commitment is part of the article is only verbal, but also part of the substance, including alternative measures or equivalent measures to replace some of the existing structural reform policies。(Shofu compilation)

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