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Mistakes foot care what can be said is the most common form of health care methods, but for a lot of people misunderstanding foot care of it still not clear。
Following small for everyone to talk about foot care of misunderstanding to see if you make a mistake it's foot care Misunderstanding Yili Road, a lot of people think bigger is better, the heavier the better foot, often foot massage, let the master press a little heavier, everyone knows, the massage too heavy, would be wasted。
Moderate foot massage can live longer, the body healthy, but we have to be modest, too far。 Reflexology is divided into two parts, the first is that the foot bath, foot massage is then。
Foot Reflexology massage time share in the process is the largest, most effective。 Among them, the size of the strength is an important factor to achieve efficacy, the intensity is too small no effect, otherwise intolerable。 Foot massage for just the right intensity, or in comfortable as well。
For healthy people, his ability to withstand the pain of the stronger。
For people who are very weak, very weak force is reluctantly。 So, for people with weak foot pain, you should do something physical endurance, moderate massage。 The so-called moderate, that is to say at the massage sore on it。
For uniformity, it refers to the power of massage to gradually seep slowly lifted, and there is a certain rhythm。
Myth foot for foot care for all errors Reflexology is a non-drug therapy。
I.e. by stimulation of the reflex zones of the foot of each, so that the body's physiological functions have been adjusted, ultimately promote blood circulation, improve their immune function。 But, you know, in fact, not everyone is suited to foot massage。 Women during menstruation, it is best not to do pedicures。 Bleeding tendency of people, during the foot massage, it may lead to local tissue hemorrhage。 Avoid bone prominences and less subcutaneous tissue reflex zone massage should avoid crushing periosteum, causing unnecessary damage。 In addition, other groups suffering ,, and foot massage is best not to prevent accidents, especially pregnant women, if massage incorrectly can lead to miscarriage。 Also we need to be reminded that, within an hour after a meal is not to do the foot。
Half an hour after the massage should be consumed about 500 ml of warm water。 Massage, the leg can not be affected by wind。 After the massage, do not immediately with cold feet。

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