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  Beijing reported our reporter Wang Xiaowei as the world's eighth wonder of the world in the eyes of the Suez Canal once again demonstrated its surprising side。   Just one year – had planned to spend only a third of the time, the Egyptian government will build out a river in the east of the old Suez Canal is wider, allowing a larger vessel Unicom something new artery of trade through。   However, the birth of the new Suez Canal so that the world is not marveling over the ban on heart health doubts – whether a newer bigger means better Suez Canal?  The ideal and the reality As the saying goes, reflects environment Everyday, by water draft。
In the past about 140 years time, guardian of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea shipping routes of the Suez Canal in Egypt by virtue of the achievements of its "dominant" position in the Middle East。
The Suez Canal shipping costs has become a stable Egyptian government sources of revenue。 Suez Canal to the Egyptian people is not just a simple course, is related to an important symbol of national honor。 However, with the course of aging, the formation of extremist forces continue to threaten the region and other factors, enveloped in the aura of the Suez Canal overhead light gradually lost。
In order to bring Egypt's Suez Canal writing glory, in August 2014, the Egyptian government announced that it will cut the inner east side of the Suez Canal a year a new canal, in order to expand its shipping capacity, which will fall into recession pulled out of Egypt quagmire。
  The so-called "new Suez Canal" is actually a period after the upgrade from the old section of the new river channel and river "synthesis"。
In the new Suez total length of 72 km, freshly excavated old reach the east side of the Suez Canal, about 35 kilometers, 37 kilometers followed by Suez old old river dredging completed widen and。
As the shortest waterway connecting Europe and Asia, the Suez Canal has always been one of the major waterways of world trade, and is the world's busiest commercial transport water thoroughfare。 After the new Suez Canal, a greater tonnage of cargo ships, including oil tankers, including also will be available through the waters, while at the same time running the old and new canals will also be two-way navigation in the region。
According to the Suez Canal Authority, the main Ximuhabu · Mami Shi said, after the opening of the new canal, by the time the ship will be shortened from the current 18 hours to 11 hours。
Newly built Suez Canal also offers the potential to improve the waterway traffic。
According to the Egyptian official estimates, to 2023, the number of merchant ships through the Suez Canal from the current daily average of 49 to 97 increased, almost doubled。 With the improvement of navigation capability, the Egyptian government revenue will also grow, along with the Cairo aspects look forward to the opening of the new canal will have more money to flow into the treasury, especially the government more much-needed foreign exchange earnings。 The Egyptian government forecast in 2015 the Suez Canal navigation license fee revenue will reach $ 5.3 billion, while in 2023 this revenue will more than double to $ 13.2 billion。   However, the Egyptian government about a bright future after the new Suez Canal has been questioned by some experts。
Doubt focus on the reality and the ideal of conflict。 Experts generally believe that as good in reality the current global economy is still not out of the crisis, the increment in world trade is difficult to imagine as the Egyptian government。 If you want to achieve the Suez Canal, the Egyptian government for a substantial increase in traffic expected better, the global trade will need to grow 10% a year。 According to UNCTAD data show that in 2000-2013 the global seaborne trade grew by only 37%。
IMF latest report also showed that in 2016 up to ten years, the average annual growth rate of global merchandise trade was only%。 "All these figures are impossible to achieve。
Suez Canal has saved about ten days time for ships to bypass Africa at sea, compared to this time, waiting for more than a few hours of transit time for them and do not have much influence。 "An Egyptian economist accept the" New York Times "interview,。 According to his estimates, the new opening of the Suez Canal increased revenue will mostly come from large tankers, which is roughly equivalent part of the revenue increase of more than $ 200 million per year。
  In addition to project the image of the gap between reality and the ideal, the economic effects of the new Suez Canal will be more disturbed by external factors。
  First, from its main competitor, has a "bridge of the world," said Panama Canal。 Panama Canal expansion project will be completed next year。 As the "connected North and South America, two oceans to communicate" sailing routes, enhance the capacity of the Panama Canal will be eating out of the Suez Canal, many market share, especially in terms of Asia and North America waterway。 Second, the security issues in the Middle East will also affect Suez Canal operations。
Armed Islamic group Suez Canal east coast of the Sinai Peninsula in the vicinity of the region recently launched a number of armed attacks。   Once the new Suez Canal failed to successfully implement its economic significance shoulder, then this project to bring Cecilia government will probably be more negative blow。   In order to ensure absolute control of the Egyptian government for the new canal, the project construction process, the Egyptian government did not introduce any foreign capital, most of the costs of new construction comes from the Suez Canal to the Egyptian government sold the public debt of the project。 After the new Suez Canal project announced less than eight days, thousands of Egyptians will grab empty for about $ 9 billion in bonds issued by the government for the project。 However, the reason why the Egyptian people rush to buy the bonds on the one hand in addition to patriotic enthusiasm, more eyes on the bond yields of 12%。 In Egypt in turmoil since 2001, the national economy has been severely hit, the inflation rate reached 10%。
Economic effects of the new Suez Canal will be directly related to these bonds ultimately smooth debt service。   In order to build the new Suez Canal, the Egyptian government has invested about $ 8.2 billion。 The project originally planned duration of three years, and became president of Egypt after Cecilia shorten the duration of the project for a year, while the construction cost of the compressed schedule resulting in approximately a 30% increase。 Analysts believe that the reason why Cecilia government at all costs require rapid completion of the new construction of the Suez Canal, in addition to its economic significance of fancy, the more considering the political influence they have。 "Quick is the construction of the Suez Canal to the public and foreign investors to convey a signal: Cairo authorities have the ability to lead such a large project。
"Carnegie Middle East expert said Adelie。
Since two years ago, former Egyptian President Morsi ousted, the new leadership has been under pressure from both domestic and international, on the one hand the international community would like Cecilio government must prove the legitimacy of their own ruling, on the other hand he was eager to Egypt people to show their ability to govern。
"The new Suez Canal is precisely the meaning of political and economic integration of the dual image of a project。
"Adelie stressed。
  "Egyptians need to prove to themselves and the world, they still succeed。
"In the new Suez Canal navigable ceremony of Sethi representation。 However, this proved that perhaps only time can test。

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