Rocker his legs can affect male reproductive health


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  A lot of people sitting in a chair, habitually will Rocker, so feel more comfortable。
Some professional women also Rocker his legs as an elegant gesture。
But experts have warned that Rocker his legs can cause a lot of disease。
Xiao Bian today and we talk about long-term harm Rocker his legs!  Rocker long-term there will be four major disadvantages: 1, causing back and neck pain。   For sedentary people, lower back pain is probably the most common disease, the direct reason is mostly due to a spinal deformity。
Normal spine from the side should be presented "S" shape, or curved lumbar lordosis too, will cause compression of the spinal nerve pain。 Many suffer from lower back pain, had Alice habits, due Rocker his legs when sitting easily bent, resulting in uneven distribution of lumbar and thoracic pressure, over time, is bound to spinal cord compression, causing lower back pain。   2, leading to varicose veins。
  Alice would interfere with the leg blood circulation, resulting in leg veins。
Varicose vein is due to one kind of long-term chronic disease in an expanded state caused by the leg is most common, poor venous return leg severe cases often appear red with rage suddenly, ulcers, phlebitis, bleeding and other diseases。   3, blood pressure。
  Sounds a bit surprised it?But it's true。 On one leg on the other leg's knee will cause a temporary rise in blood pressure。   Originally blood flowing to the heart to want to overcome gravity, the leg is held back, but also to increase the difficulty of the task, only a temporary increase in blood pressure in order to ensure that blood continues to flow back into the heart。   4, the leg disrupt nerve。   Rocker not only affects the blood flowing to the heart, and also affect the legs and feet nerve。 That's why a long time you will feel "numb legs and feet."。   After a major nerves of the leg below the knee and the outside of the leg, the pressure generated when the rocker nerve, resulting in leg and foot muscles appear numbness。
  In addition, Rocker affect reproduction, reduced sperm motility, long past suffering from infertility, but also lead to prostatitis!。

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