Australian university debate new regulations Yin Zhengyi: Half debater shall transgender


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  March 23, according to Australian news report, recently, Australia's oldest debating society of the provisions of the wonderful work of the University of Sydney's most prestigious provoked much controversy in the whole nature of the game in Australia, half of the societies in which required participants must be male or female transgender。
  According to reports, in order to meet the upcoming Easter, the University of Sydney will hold a new round of debate, to this end, the University of Sydney in particular, the development of new rules, students are attracted heated debate。
It is reported that each participating team CCP 9 debaters。 Statement debating society of the University of Sydney, said each of the participating teams more than half debater should be "non-compliant male", comply with gender at birth on their own gender identity of people。
  Further, a predetermined pre teams also require three, at least four non-compliant male contestants, third referee must be non-compliant for Men。
The same rule also applies to female contestants and referee。
Meanwhile, the top three teams, we need to have at least a debater as "cultural minority people of color, or the exclusion of white hegemony people"。
  President of the union at the University of Sydney Thompson said the new regulations are intended to create more space for debate came from different backgrounds, to ensure that the debate is more inclusive, more successful。

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