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    Source: Daqin straight text / spiritual straights a Xi'an company, to expand the business information several business scope – quietly opened a prelude to shaking change in the situation of Chinese real estate industry。
  This detail, so this is well known, was originally not involved in the real estate sector companies, surfaced。   ▲ It is a super-giant company, before does not do real estate, but once when it involved, could lead to sudden changes in the pattern of real estate。   ▲ company in the country reached 300 million square meters of land reserves, more than the highest amount of reserve land Housing prices in Hengda。   ▲ The company registered capital of more than 1 trillion yuan, 100 times Vanke。
  ▲ If you get it into a fully competitive real estate market, it will become China's largest and the world of housing prices。   Xi'an Railway Bureau, even if it was expected to enter the real estate Railway Bureau will do real estate, may not expect, it has been China's largest land bank will change its foot in Case of Chinese Real Estate。   Subtle signs of change, even from the Xi'an company's business scope of business information。
  Few people will notice, November 8, 2017, by the Xi'an Railway Bureau restructuring of China Xi'an Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd., to expand the business scope, increase distribution (except hazardous, flammable and explosive chemicals), tourism, catering service, advertising, etc.。   Compared with the above-mentioned business scope, increasing the "real estate development and management" can be called the shaking of the transaction – because of a change of more than Xi'an: ▲ November 8 the same day, China Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou also joined the range "Real estate development and management"。   ▲ After only five days, China Shenyang Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd's business scope has also joined the "real estate development and management"。
  ▲ Then in November 13th, 14th, and Chengdu Railway Bureau, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau also allow the company to enter the "real estate development and management"。
  Signs too obvious – direct expansion of business scope Zhao Ming: "Iron boss" to enter the real estate field。
  We look at "total iron" for entry into the broader field previously untouched, prepared to do what: November 1, 2017 to 7, the "total iron" its Jinan, Urumqi, Nanchang, Beijing and other 18 Railway Bureau have been completed name change approved renamed action – from "Railway Administration" to "Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd.", the business scope has expanded, expand the fields of logistics, finance, advertising, real estate development, agricultural and livestock products, etc., most of which concern, of course, "real estate development and management."。   Let us look at Xi'an: Xi'an Railway Bureau director Liu Shengrong position changed to Xi'an Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd.。   After the change of business registration, Xi'an Railway Bureau Railway company still total 100% holding company。
But the company from the original corporate-funded enterprises into limited liability company, registered capital from the original billion, changed to one hundred million yuan。   The China Railway total capital injection Daqin straight queries to 1.036 trillion yuan, Vanke is the injection of a little more than 11 billion yuan, nearly one percent of its。
  China's largest stealth "landlord", "total iron" each under the command of generals with how to get involved in real estate, behind an important safeguard –3 huge amount of one hundred million square meters of land reserves!  "300 million square meters," What is the concept?  So far Chinese real estate sector, the crown of the soil reserves to the number of Hengda, there was only one hundred million square meters。   300 million square meters of soil reserves – "total iron" Once the incoming real estate, is the first land bank can be developed industry。   The last two years of real estate control policies despite top pressure, but turns to a second-tier cities housing prices to rise, accompanied by the urban core area of land less and less。   Prior to the published reports, "total iron" called the development and use of land distribution massive reserves of Quanta's 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions。 So in general, if the amount of land bank is located in the core area of the city, once the stock market, most likely bred country and the world body's largest real estate companies。   The total iron is actually China's largest stealth "landlord"。 Sitting on massive land bank, but did not play its due value – you let the cat looked great salted fish to sleep, he reconciled?  Look at the development of strength, Daqin straight (ID: Daqin straight) from the China Railway 2016 Annual Report informed its total assets amounted to one trillion yuan the year, liabilities trillion, the debt ratio is not high。
  "Total iron" in the registered capital of 1.036 trillion yuan!Country Garden as the only company in China 500 billion yuan sales revenue of the order of housing prices, the registered capital of million yuan, Vanke only one hundred million yuan of registered capital。
"Total iron" That shot trillion, only a company's Bureau of Xi'an, the registered capital has reached one hundred million yuan。   Although not yet found the Xi'an Railway Bureau under the number of plots, but the total iron official website in September 2016 message, a subsidiary of Harbin Railway Bureau (now the "China Harbin Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd.") External lease office space near at 3000, 7200 ten thousand square meters of idle land, "just sitting on the century-old Gogol street, Building 401 full-year rental income reached 3.9 million yuan."。
  The wave of expansion of business scope, and whether the soil reserves of 300 million re-entering into the market?"Total iron" have been made under the command of general land development qualification, the first soil reserves of capital strength and industry of the order trillion combined, to do this?  The current real estate industry is still there are many unforeseen factors, so once the market giant, no one can predict what will happen!  This is the first real estate change the pattern of the "monster" reached, what changes will bring the real estate landscape?  At present, the domestic real estate market has taken shape, several leading housing prices continue to establish its status to。
Country Garden is expected to sprint 600 billion yuan in sales, while China Vanke, Hengda also tried to cross the 500 billion yuan mark。
Financial record, green, gold and other long-entrenched heavyweights housing prices list, entrenched。
  Suddenly, the relatively calm waters floating super predators – the familiar "total iron"!  One trillion industry capital and the largest land bank, "total iron" Once the market probably have a profound impact on the country and the world of the real estate industry will。
You know real estate is driven more than 40 major areas, hundreds of small industries。
  At present we do not know what it specifically to do。 But "total iron" state-owned enterprises descent, and it means that state-owned enterprises to shoulder part of the state functions。   The past two years, officially launched the "rental housing", "common property housing" two reforms, in which the role of state-owned enterprises is becoming increasingly apparent。
Daqin straight (ID: Daqin straight) noted that Shanghai, Hangzhou and other major cities, "lease only" Lot frequently appeared in the market, almost all state-owned enterprises in the bag。   Look back to Xi'an, this year September 13 official issued "on issues related to further stabilize the housing market development," and proposed to deepen the reform of land supply side, the implementation of about 20% of residential land for construction of public rental, about 20% of residential land for limited land, limited price of "double limit room" project。
  This indicated that the next commercial than residential land accounted for only about 60%, nearly half of the market and by public rental housing to fill the double limit。   The company Xi'an Railway Bureau in this wave of change, will take the lead to "real estate development and management" to join battle?  Once the "total iron" refers to rental housing, housing and other common property, whether real estate cycle is also a buffer?  Think again some time before the official mentioned, even the "most understand Chinese real estate" Ren all attached great importance to the "long-term mechanism housing system"。
  "There are high-end market, there is support in the end, low-end guaranteed" slogan is not shouting white。
   – Some things ready to come!  。

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