What kind of women more prone to single women should pay attention to five


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Which is easy to single women older single friends today there are many, many people are for their single status and distress, which is to become a one-off thing a lot of people are concerned about。So for a female friend who is concerned why the delay can not avoid it the following night single network come to tell you what women talk about easy single, five women should pay attention Oh!Which is easy to single women behind her reason 1, resigned: she said yes。
She did not met the right people。
Because she was not willing to take risks, before she took to the battlefield had been told he would lose。She refuses to face danger emotion might bring。She refused to feelings, her lack of confidence in the cover-up。
And if she was advised to start a relationship, she will quickly admitted: "Anyway, I have been a waste!"Such a self-depreciating women have a kind of mother to say whether her mother more often: you only lose weight, stop hair cut, more feminine, more to social situations, to find the man or two-thirds of her words are "my poor daughter," as the beginning of the order to get out of the pain feel insignificant, resigned from the woman might be, "I waste" to "men are the waste"。
Oh, this can happen and my mother always said the same!2, as a woman warrior behind her reason: men are afraid of her, of course, because she was strong and confident。She thought that no one sees a crying child injured。
She grew up trying to repair what her rebellious childhood trauma is what is father, grandfather, brother, boss or ex-boyfriend if she had seen his mother frequent humiliation, so secretly resolved never to repeat the old tracks because she He refused to love life hope and need, she had to give them greater independence。She hopes to become a leading their own lives, and she thought no one could reach her request。
Some may say that she saw his tall。But in fact, she has been hovering between low self-esteem and ego。3, independent of what kind of woman she was behind the easy single reason: she was busy working, fitness, see exhibitions, concerts, meeting with friends, and holidays。
But she did not own one minute。
In her schedule, where there is still time for men to practice, she let herself so full of life, precisely in order not to leave any gaps men, so that men can not have a place in her life。
This extreme desire and self-control to worry about loss of control is likely to come from her parents gesticulating like a command, always judge her practice, always criticizing, always look at her eyes with a look。As a little girl if she can not say "no" to look at this vision, so when they grow up, she could not face the man。So she chose to close themselves, without leaving any gaps。

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