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"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">23:00 Beijing time on June 14, the World Cup kicks off in Russia will。Currently, 32 teams have all arrived at the station。When the teams at the same time stepping up warm-up before training, and behind them also have a team in preparing in even a month ago began to prepare – the team's logistical support team。Germany's air transport nearly 1。80,000 liters of beer, Korea took four tons of kimchi, South American countries have "artifacts" mate……Of course, there are 100,000 Chinese crawfish provided。Soccer really is like war, to fight is to protect and forage。Germany: sausages, beer and no less in order to do the logistics of the World Cup, the German national team chef started very early to develop a diet plan for the team during the World Cup, and Russia began to arrive early "reconnaissance" local eating environment。More alarming is that, on the local time when the German team arrived in Moscow on June 12, arrived with them and nearly 18 tons of food, including 18,000 liters of beer, 700 kg and 300 kg of potato sausage。The amount of food much?1.80,000 liters of beer volume, users draw conclusions after carefully calculated – if you keep pee, beginning from the World Cup finals and never stops to end the urine。"A human urine production of approximately 200 ml, approximately equivalent to 18,000 liters Paoniao 90000, a human urine it soak for about 30 seconds, will Paoniao 90000 2700000 seconds day 86,400 seconds, down converter 31 corresponds to.25 days。"When the German team arrived in Moscow, and together they arrive and nearly 18 tons of food, including 18,000 liters of beer。Brazil: with what food, with some people on the line with the German scientific rigor different, passionate "Selecao" Brazil becomes more bold and romantic。I do not like the cold weather and boring place?It is to live in a beautiful environment and pleasant climate of Sochi。No suitable training ground?It would advance the construction of a site。He did not accompany his wife?Then ask them to come。In place 10 km from the city center of Sochi, the Brazilian team a year ago began to build training ground, where the World Cup and have exactly the same lawn, is a "moat" of gas soaring。According to the Brazilian Football Association introduced the relevant person in charge of Gaspar, Brazil package under half of local hotel room, and the transformation of its internal。Inside the therapy center, sports equipment readily available, easy warm-up and rehabilitation of athletes。"Love" is the Brazilian Army secret weapon in this World Cup, which is the Brazilian coach has always insisted the idea Teeter。Therefore, the hotel is not only a special reception for friends and family, "the family living room," the player's family can live with them。Argentina airlifted three tons of food, including beef, pork, condensed milk, including to Russia。Argentina: beef and pork all comes from his teammates Messi and Suarez is the enemy in the World Cup to face reality。However, there is a drink they have in common, "artifact", it is the mate。This high caffeine content drinks and Chinese tea is very similar to the South American country has been widely popular。So how can we live up to his hometown cuisine?This time the Russian expedition, led by Suarez Uruguay will bring up to 180 kilograms of mate tea, an average of one month down, enough to have a day for six kilograms of tea consumption。"Number one" where Messi Argentina Football Association is ruthless under the original capital。They arrived early not only local chefs, three tons of food by air has also brought forward was shipped to the team's training base。According to the Russian ITAR-TASS reports, three tons of food in addition to the mate, also includes traditional Argentine cuisine meals, such as beef, pork, condensed milk, etc., "Argentina willing to take risks to taste the local cuisine, in order to ensure food safety and comfort of the players , so that their full cup for the third time。"England team like to watch" Love Island "。England: Coach, I want to see reality show "European Chinese team," England is a walking piece。This does not, they are out for things British media。According to "The Sun", "Daily Mail" and other media reports, the Three Lions in order to better prepare for a month of World Cup schedule, the players asked the hotel for them some additional English Channel。Surprising is that, in addition to requests for additional BBC1, ITV and Sky Sports channels such can watch sports outside the game, the players also calls for increased ITV2, because this channel can watch the reality show "Love Island" (Love Island)。This profile British reality show considerable scale, the main content is to have six pairs of men and women to live together within a luxurious villa on the island, they record everything happening in real house in six weeks with the ubiquitous camera。"Love Island" generally aired six weeks, which means that players can watch the entire World Cup。Including Harry Kane, Danny Rose, etc., are the stars of the show's fans。South Korea with five tons of supplies, is about 1 ton of medical supplies and clothing, and the rest are basically four tons of kimchi。South Korea: how the line is no pickles?Finally, it said neighboring South Korea。As a country known for kimchi, long-term overseas how can less the taste of home。To prepare for the World Cup, the Korean team prepared a full five tons of supplies。Of these, about one ton of medical supplies and clothing, and the rest are basically four tons of kimchi。In addition, South Korea 23 large logistics support team also arrived earlier St. Petersburg, Russia。The chef 10 days in advance began to pick ingredients locally, doing plenty of food security for South Korea。Japan: first solve the "infighting" other neighbors say it looks a little mysterious Japanese team returned。And the spectacle of the last people to pray with one ton of different paper cranes, they are in this World Cup but was snubbed fans。In early June when travel to Australia for the final closed training before the World Cup, the Japanese team in the World Cup held in accordance with the practice will Zhuanghang。But only about 150 fans to the scene, and the scene was extremely lonely。And before the start of the World Cup, the Japanese team lost two warm-up match of all, the team has therefore appear explosive "infighting"。For the poor performance of Keisuke Honda, the team chiefs Shinji Kagawa and Yuto Nagatomo are extremely dissatisfied。Coupled with coach Akira Nishino's office rush, so the Japanese team group stage of the journey worrying。Such as the "secret weapon", "black technology" or something like that, they will inadvertently focus on it。

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