Trump announced that steel and aluminum would impose high tariffs on US imports


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Sina Wall Street FRANCISCO, March 2 early morning Bloomberg news, US President Donald Trump said the United States plans to impose 25% tariffs on imported steel, aluminum imports imposed a 10% tariff, and is expected to sign a formal decree next week。
Trump metal industry executives said on Thursday at the White House, will import steel and aluminum import tariffs, signed a decree may be some time next week, "you will be protected for the first time in a long time."。 "Steel tariffs will be 25%, aluminum 10%," he said in answer to a reporter's question。
Trump told aides he was in favor of these two commodities on overall tariffs, the tariff which is the choice they made to him under the most punitive of a。 He told them that he would prefer to impose 25% tariffs on steel from all countries on imports of aluminum imposed a 10% tariff。
Both will be more than Ministry of Commerce recommended the most severe choice。
Trump can not later on steel imports in April 11, no later than April 19 to make a decision on the import of aluminum。 Earlier Thursday, an official White House said later in the day will issue a bulletin on trade issues。 Trump attended the meeting of industry executives, including ArcelorMittal USA's JohnBrett, NucorCorp。The JohnFerriola and Century Aluminum of MikeBless。
After the US Department of Commerce finds that imports of these two commodities harm US national security, Trump has been considering various measures to limit imports of steel and aluminum。
"Our steel and aluminum (as well as many other industries) have been unfair world trade and the fight against bad policies for decades," Trump tweeted Thursday morning post said。 "We will not let our country, businesses and workers longer be bullied。
We want free trade, fair and wisdom!"。

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