What you eat can teach antiepileptic epilepsy diet


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What to eat to believe antiepileptic epilepsy lot of people are not familiar with, because they are more or less around some epilepsy patients, what to eat to go and take a look at small series of antiepileptic what to eat to antiepileptic disease We introduce!Energy and protein and normal people can eat the same should be appropriate restrictions on carbohydrate antiepileptic 1 epilepsy epilepsy patients need, while carbohydrates do not need too much to not more than 300 grams per day is appropriate; appropriate to increase the fat supply about 60%, total calories should。 Water restrictions, not more than 1000 ml per day; salt is not more than 3 grams per day; sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals, especially iron, calcium and; prohibition edible sugary food and spicy food。
2, seizures epilepsy patients should limit the intake of potassium-induced brain trauma patients and long-term use of sedative drugs easy to dehydration, anemia, leukopenia, malnutrition, severe electrolyte metabolism disorder patients may (hyperkalemia) appear。
When too much potassium in the diet, will increase serum potassium levels in patients, so the potassium intake in patients with epilepsy should not exceed 3 grams per day。 With low potassium foods are rape heart, red radish, white radish, celery, squash, tomatoes, eggplant, onion, cucumber, melon, sponge gourd, squash, pear, apple, grape, pineapple, etc.。 What to eat for energy intake of antiepileptic 3, epilepsy patients with epilepsy should increase the intake of magnesium is often a lack of magnesium, particularly the need for long-term drug treatment of patients, such as when long-term use of phenytoin sodium, can lead to osteoporosis, in addition to giving high calcium diet, we must also pay attention to the intake of magnesium。
Adult body magnesium 20?25 g concentrated in about half of the bone, the bone can not be supplied to the magnesium body cells using。

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