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Kidney stones should eat what can be said to be a relatively common disease, and a good diet can effectively alleviate the symptoms of kidney stones, kidney stones, then what should eat together and go see what small series of kidney stones should eat We introduce!Kidney stones should eat what 1, kidney fossil soup [materials] walnut 1 kg, 60G, Shi Wei, Gallus gallus domesticus, 30 grams sugar, 250 grams ,,,。
[Method] with sand or fine salt fry walnut, walnut removed clothing; Astragalus, Pyrrosia, Gallus gallus domesticus, money grass soaked with cold water for 70 minutes and simmer suffering 1 hour, changing the water fry, secondary charged drugs liquid; liquid medicine, walnut and honey mix, stir and steam for 3 hours。 After steaming once every 3 days。
[Effect] kidney fossil。 Urolithiasis applies to those who are not solid kidney。
[Dosage] juice daily dosing spoon, spoon 1 walnut meat, chewing fine, warm water。 2, money Chicken gizzard soup [materials] money grass 50 g, gizzard 2。
Kidney stones should eat what [Method] Desmodium clean, soak in cold water for 70 minutes; gizzard food residue removed, leaving the gizzard endothelium, the both into the casserole, add water, simmer 1 hours, 2 times soup, chicken gizzard slices dipped in soy sauce。 [Effect] fossil Tonglin, kidney heat。
Suitable for sand pouring, Shilin。
[Dosage] 1 times / d, chicken gizzard table consumption。
3, Jinhai Sha tea。

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