14 games only made 17 goals!The most low-key master!Barcelona want to buy it took him 200,000,000


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"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 17: Russia's World Cup group match Beijing time at 0:00 on June 17 carried out?Group game, 1-0 victory over Denmark Peru。Tottenham midfielder Eriksen outstanding performance in this game, devoted one assist。The game Eriksson with a superb through ball teammates broke Poulsen, the Danish team also scored a success with this goal in World Cup opener。26-year-old Eriksson is now the number one star of the Danish national team, the national team as a midfielder Eriksson not only do counseling and control in the field, but also bear the important task of scoring his team in Denmark Over the past 14 games, he scored 12 goals in assists five times。In the qualifying play-offs with Ireland's World Cup Eriksson is a hat-trick, helping the team qualify for the World Cup finals success。It is worth mentioning that the Danish team in the last 19 goals in official matches, Eriksson directly involved in 13 of them。 The club, playing for English Premier League team Tottenham Eriksson last two seasons have got a double-double scoring assists, 16-17 season, his assists is reached 23 times。So masterful performance, no wonder there are rumors Levi for his bid 200 million euros, rumors of Eriksson intentional Barcelona will this discourage you?

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