What is the real cause of pubic hair white?


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Xiao Bian recently heard a lot of patients find themselves reflected in their pubic hair has whitened the local situation, in particular, mostly female patients, especially some of the symptoms commonly known as folk called the white tiger, is unknown cuff trillion, seriously affected the feelings of the couple , family harmony, then what the real reason is it white pubic hair pubic hair turned white in the end it is not a disease common nutritious pubic hair turned white, the spiritual element, and a number of systemic diseases such as albinism, skin lacks melanin and pathogenesis-related。 If local inflammation, the positive recommendation was prescribed anti-inflammatory treatment, are subject to change local skin, it should be noted the possibility of vitiligo。
Also note that relaxed state of mind, light diet。 After a period of time there will be better。 Tyrosinase activity in the hair follicle pigment cells gradually weakened hair shaft pigmentation will gradually decrease, so there gray hair。 If observed under an electron microscope, can be seen in the dermal papilla and hair shaft pigmentation few cells。
The older the hair slowly getting gray hair。 In the development of the white hair in two multi-temporal head of the temple site and began to gradually develop, after several years or more before the development of the entire head。 In this process, beard, eyebrows, armpits and pubic hair also began to have a small amount of white, but relatively hair, in extent, is much lighter, began to whiten time later, the numbers are small, which began white than the time scale, the numbers are less。 In addition, the local white pubic hair may be vulva albinism, congenital disease, recessive hereditary disease。
Autosomal recessive inheritance。
Congenital lack of pigment, the hair follicle melanin synthesis obstacles to genetic disease。 Skin is the body, reducing or lack of hair pigment for the performance, it may only partial onset vulva。
Finally, we advise patients to go to the hospital for hormone examination to determine the cause, even if the treatment so as not to delay the disease。

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