Common headache why run after what kinds of headaches


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Shao headache: mostly kidney essence Qi can not deck, bladder through the air and Shangni real headache, pain inalienable its。"Lingshu Jue disease," said: "Jue headache, heavy head and Jenny pain, diarrhea head of the five elements, rows and five, first take the hand Shao, after taking foot Shao。"" Su asked the five internal organs to generate "Yiyun:" Headache top of illness, under false Indeed, over the foot Shao, giant sun, and even then into the kidney。"Zhang Jie-bin note reads:" Headache top of the disease, but also on the real。
In fact because at those dummy, which had two by the kidney and bladder。
Cover full sun from the top of the clock network brain, and kidney and bladder as a table, Yin Yang real, as it is a disease, and even then the disease has been into the room in the house is dirty, the kidney injury alone carry on。
"Kidney essence marrow, brain and marrow, it can also lead to less sex fluid Qi is headache marrow dystrophy。: A headache is pain in the top of the roof, or even within a department head, often accompanied by mood disorders characterized by change。
"Lingshu Jue disease," says: "Jue headache, pain, pulse, heart sad good weeping, as the head of the anti-Sheng artery, blood thorn do go, after adjusting foot Jue Yin。"" Su asked dirty air law "Yi Yue:" liver disease……Gas against headache。"Zhang Jie-bin note reads:" the first pulse pain who have pain between flesh blood。
Those who weep heart sorrows and joys, air reverse in the liver also。Therefore, depending on the head and the movable head pulse Sheng, striking the blood to vent their evil, and then take the full Liver Meridian and the tune up to the top of the hepatic veins may be in。"Headache often associated with so Jueyin gas against the relevant gas against the liver, the blood with the gas line, depression in the head, the head can be seen artery congestion and pain。
What are the common headache headaches health hazards First, headaches affect human health。People without cause headache headache does not appear, in the normal fatigue, stress, headaches while also headache, but only temporary, should be back to normal soon。
If you not only do not recover, but also frequent seizures, pain is a disease。A long time will inevitably cardiovascular adverse impact on people, because of a headache after headache onset of cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage ,, clinically very common。Secondly, headaches affect people。This is because the long suffering headaches headaches, personality changes, often become irritable temperament。And because the long treatment, life materially affected, psychological vulnerability, loss of confidence。

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