US Judge: Government can not be revoked without notice DACA protection measures


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  According to reports, Federal District Judge Carlos Gutierrez ruled that the lower court on the 26th third negative Trump government's handling of "childhood suspend the repatriation of immigrants" (DACA) program approach。
But two previous rulings, the new ruling did not directly address the President of Trump decided to end this program, but for another aspect – the government decision to withdraw the program DACA program issues。
  Trump government announced last September to the end of the DACA program, called the plan unconstitutional。 A federal judge ruled foiled a series of government Trump terminate DACA program Nuri, requires the government involved in the plan subject to legal challenge of the decision process, the federal government continues to plan for the next DACA issued a work permit extension。
  Meanwhile, the US human rights activists across the country to concrete cases increasingly fierce criticism of the government decision to protect the identity of the end DACA。   Judge Carlos Gutierrez said, for no notice, without reasonable excuse, does not provide the opportunity to respond, has withdrawn its plans to protect the identity of DACA beneficiaries, the United States must restore the Ministry of State Security measures to protect their。   The new ruling also temporarily revoke protective measures to prevent officials DACA program to other beneficiaries, if they do not undergo a process of "give notice to provide a reasonable explanation, or not given the opportunity to respond" on the termination of its protected status。

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