The impact of diabetes on the fetus during pregnancy


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Many diabetic mothers worry whether their diabetes will be passed on to the fetus, whether the baby will cause harm。
What is the impact of diabetes on the fetus during pregnancy is?We take a look。
1.First look at diagnosis of diabetes age at onset: age, diabetes type Ⅰ possibility smaller the greater, the greater the likelihood of diabetes, the greater the age, type Ⅱ。30 years of age disease, diabetes type Ⅰ maximum likelihood; 30?Type 40 diabetes Ⅰ least likely, the possibility of large Ⅱ diabetes; over 40 years of illness, most likely minimum Ⅱ diabetes, diabetes type Ⅰ possibility。2.See size before and after onset: more lean body Ⅰ greater the possibility, more body fat and the greater the possibility Ⅱ diabetes; if size than most normal thin, the possibility of large type Ⅰ diabetes, diabetes type Ⅱ small possibility; If the majority of normal size and similar, ⅰ diabetes is less likely, the possibility of large ⅱ diabetes; body overweight or obese, diabetic ⅰ minimum possibility most likely diabetes ⅱ。
The diagnosis of diabetes is based on。
3.Have look after onset of ketosis: ketosis is usually characteristic type Ⅰ diabetes, ketosis and Ⅱ diabetes generally does not appear。
These are an important basis for the diagnosis of diabetes。4.Look insulin levels: This is a good basis for the diagnosis of diabetes。
Low blood insulin levels prompt type Ⅰ diabetes, normal or above normal presentation-type diabetes Ⅱ。More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

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