Bad breath how to treat bad breath have a cause of disease


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How to treat bad breath is only useful?Bad breath is a common oral disease, then you know how to treat bad breath have to use it?Following small for everyone to talk about exactly how to treat bad breath have to use it。
Bad breath how to treat bad breath treatment with the only One, in the mouth for 1.Scaler for patients with periodontal disease and other dental diseases, regular teeth cleaning and treatment is the most simple and effective way。 In particular, some of the usual brushing can not eliminate tartar, most likely to cause bad breath, teeth cleaning is an effective measure to solve calculus。
2.Jie tongue If the doctor thinks your mouth situation well, then maybe you need to clean your tongue, especially if your tongue is very thick, then。
Treating halitosis Second, the chemical treatment for halitosis in particular periodontal disease caused by using some mouthwash, can play treatment of periodontal disease, the effect of improving halitosis。 Bad breath how to treat bad breath treatment with only three habits to adjust 1.One of the most effective methods of preventing the deterioration of the tone is to quit smoking。 2.Reduce the consumption of food will affect the tone, especially before you will go to public places with people, delicious food properly it is necessary to sacrifice。
3.Some food properly eat crude fiber foods, as well as some kind of coarse bread rolls。
Because these foods can play a self-cleaning effect on oral, the equivalent effect of chewing gum。

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