Ancient remember an excellent "second wife"


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“Ms, out to the guests Sencha!”  Reply soon, the curtain half pick, was called to Ms girls smell good, Limbo money out。The girl is indeed a teenage boy, Xiaojian slender, tall and slim, Chun Mei repair mesh, plain Jiaohao。Several guests Lun towel lupine eyes lit up, Jian Mei wide mouth during a middle-aged man is shining eyes, stunning state of loneliness。  Flattery smiles next to a fat man in green:“Come and sit around adults pass sentence。”  “Adults call on the line。”Middle-aged man hurriedly cover, probably do not want people to know their worth and his party officials。Although, when the large field of play with prostitutes rife Song Chaoguan。  Tea, sieve leaves, brew, Ms fill the gap if lightly dance。  “Adults sing a song to it!”The Green Fat is the sensual experts in the field, like a host in control of the situation。Ms whisper whisper smile, graceful bounce Pipa, red lips slow start:“Summer Wind scattered, flying autumn leaves, winter snows melt, only a glass of spring grass……”  Pass sentence on an adult sitting in the chair are to slap festival, listen to this a humorous way:“A glass of spring grass?Let us eat grass ah?”Playing both sides of the fan maid laughter, when bending the hand stays at the top spot, carved wooden chairs uncomfortable force of united, broken ribs bone off, falls on his back pass sentence adults。The Green Fat curse:“Bold rude, under the big prison is not wanted?”Pass sentence adults waved their hands:“Anyway anyway, Zhongxingpengyue, but my moon fall into the ditch of!”The word was so scared of girls say they break out laughing。Ms intelligent lute away, sideways Yi Yi:“Xie large number of adults, good heart!”  Waner is from the heart to thank the adults Huodataidu!  Three days later, police heavily adults pass sentence ransom of Ms。This is the Ancestor Xining six years (1073)。  Ms no father and mother, no home no last name, just let the lady pass sentence adult name: Wang。Ms adults to pass again took a poetic name fills the air: asakumo!  That year, 11-year-old asakumo。  Song Chaoli Act“Fang Xu married woman 14”, Asakumo obviously less than the age of marriage, even if Zuoqie, nor as mistress。The ancient rules and prohibitions is to focus on small amplification, suck suck seam gap。  Asakumo became as a maid at around Mrs. pass sentence。Asakumo young but more things, humble and well-behaved, and his wife get along quite well leap of。Asakumo also renamed pass sentence adults to master, this is called, is 23 years。  Master of wit, poetry and painting name Zhen world。But also into poetry, poetry also lost, finally provoked Wutai poem, demoted to Huangzhou, family food and clothing expense thanks to a wasteland。Lord often the light-to-month, self-deprecating“Wipe month approved the wind, no longer otherworldly”。Is closed room with classic asakumo satisfied shoes sewing, for cooking, trying to sick wife nutritional supplements, to improve fire food master。  That year, 18-year-old asakumo。  18 years old at that time is already ripe。Mature asakumo come out as flowers, incense jade bone muscle。She wanted to give birth to a son, master, like master, like Liguor, striking literary talent, but ill-fated master has written a humorous poem on the first full moon to celebrate the feast of their son: everyone adopted son look smart, I was cleverness life。  I only hope the baby Yu and Lu, have no more trouble to the Lords。  Half a century classic deep understanding of, and just want to go back。The Mood for Love asakumo completely immersed in the infinite happiness of mothers。Until six months after his son died, she fell to the pinnacle of happiness and from the abyss of grief, bereavement almost destroyed her courage to survive。Since then, her body began to virtual failure。From then on, she began to vegetarian Buddha。  That year, 22-year-old asakumo。  Asakumo 22-year-old began to aging, but she must live, to love her lord, in order to treat her lady。  Asakumo know the pain of gloomy appearance of talking and classic heart。  After dinner that day, sir stroking belly pacing in the living room。忽然停下来 side of the family says to him:“I know what this thing is stomach?”A family:“All articles!”Master shook his head。Family changed his tune:“Are seen!”Classic shook his head。Asakumo red tea was served half-truths and said:“A belly outdated!”The phrase, clapping and laughing classic:“I know who, also asakumo!”  In the master mind, asakumo indeed his confidante, his Jie Yuhua。  Yuanyou eight years, Ms. Wang died of leap。At this time, I say not thought asakumo“Righting”It was not real words。Throughout the ages, women pay attention to higher status, all hope of marriage there is a paper book can justifiably carries a lifetime of happiness。But asakumo we know that etiquette does not allow, not allow secular。She does not allow himself unworthy of the death of his wife。She was willing to be mistress, so facto willing to share weal and woe with the master, whom。  900 years ago Lingnan Badlands, uninhabited。Classic relegate this point, asakumo step in a trend, not abandon not leave。“Q Weng Taigeng Lingtou live, have seen a few back to the south?”Master convinced himself off the necessary columns into exile and died in this wilderness。Unpredictable that bad luck fell on asakumo body, illness wrap her frail and beautiful, though classic four chemists, or did not retain live the life of this young。Asakumo certain death, Kesiyixiang。  That year, 34-year-old asakumo。  34 years old, defined by the United Nations health organizations today was still a young 34 years old, some of the youthful person can also pretending Fadia。And she, a beautiful life, a wandering woman was half-dozen pear rain, scattered horizon。  Classic heart confluence tears, distraught。this“Pen off the surprise storm, poetry into ZZZZZZZZZ”Mexican Institute of writer to tears, just write four Ye: Buddha is sighted, Garan is in accordance with。  Ruru places heart, is owned by Weifo。  The wretched of asakumo smile to the nether world, classic love her, to understand her, to understand her wish: Bent goodness, is owned by Weifo!  Four years later, 65-year-old master has come to the end of life。  Heart seems to have gray wood, the boat itself if the Department of。  Yu asked his life exploits?Huangzhou Huizhou, Danzhou。  After the signature poem——Su Shi。  This is the first "self-portrait Jinshan title" just miserable life is bleak Su eulogy!  Old age and Suzi wind go back, and with his asakumo“Weifo is owned by”。Somewhere, Bachelor renowned the world over who whisper that he had words: turn Zhu Court, low-chi households, according to the sleepless。There should be no hate, to do anything constantly circle?People have joys and sorrows, month also wanes, the matter ancient difficult wholly, Nung, moon and new moon。  Both to the men, ages Merry wind to go, only that round moon was able to witness Su and Zhao Yun“Hold your hand, and grow old”Tribulation truth。Today we enjoy the feast Su Shi left text, recalling the literary master, but also for his Chaoyun the blessing, the blessing of love, honor, marriage unfortunate outstanding“Mistress”!

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