Korea and the US Air Force will be held on "Super Thunder" joint military exercise in May


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  BEIJING, March 21, according to South Korean Radio International reported that South Korean military said the Air Force will be held in South Korea and super codenamed Thunder (MaxThunder) joint military exercise in May。   It is reported that 21 South Korean military said the Super Thunder joint military exercises scheduled to air May 11 began a period of two weeks。
Exercise led by the South Korean Air Combat Command and US Forces Korea headquarters 7th, South Korean Air Force F-15K fighter jets and US Air Force F-16 fighter jets and other aircraft involved in a total of 100, a real air combat maneuvers。
  Super Thunder joint air exercise is a routine military exercise from Korea and the US Air Force began in mid-2009。
In addition, Korea and the US from next month on the 1st commenced a four-week exercise vulture。
Year after year, these two parties ROK-US military exercise at the same time the merger in 2016 and 2017。   A South Korean military is also concerned that after the crucial decision and vultures joint military exercises, Korea and the US will be the Super Thunder air combat exercises, etc., through a wide range of joint military exercises, to further strengthen the joint military defense forces。

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